Wednesday Evening Thread (possums and polls welcome)

Hi chums,

Hope you all had a good day :blush:
How are you spending your evening?
What’s for dinner?

I’m not sure what I want to do tonight, so, shockingly, I’m going to put it to a poll.

  • Play a game of Carcassonne with Avery
  • Read in front of the YouTube fire
  • Watch some stand up comedy on the tv
  • All of the above
  • None of the above (please suggest alternative activities)

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Hugs all round x

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Alright gnome. My daughter is still charging around with a bobble hat pulled down over her head. Gonna go do bedtime in a bit and have a beer or 4 afterwards. Really need to start thinking about packing soon.


Hi there. Had quite a quiet day, which has been much needed tbh. Been and got kebabs for tea accompanied by a Guinness or two. We’re on to the last series of M,SW :grimacing:


Evening @Gnometorious and everyone else :slight_smile:

My day has been good, thanks. Just on the platform waiting for my train home. This evening I will:

  • eat a Quorn chilli
  • finish the World Book Day costume (Wunderweb is an amazing thing)
  • maybe have a gin and tonic


In a separate note: as I made my way to the station there was a guy in his 30s, in full running gear, running down Regent Street, Cambridge as if he was either running a marathon or pretending to be a motor vehicle.

  • Absolutely fine behaviour
  • A bit Patrick Bateman

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Felt so good this morning after my swim last night but mood has dipped quite a bit since it started raining :frowning: my stomach is confused by my lunch (it’s used to having caffeine in the morning, not waiting til 2pm for it) and doesn’t want any food, even though my mind wants a nice cheesy pizza. Maybe I’ll have a big yoghurt so that I’ve had something to eat before going out?

My local’s pub quiz relaunches tonight. We never win but there are cash prizes now and hopefully it’s more youth oriented (previously there was a round on ‘concert venues’ which we actually did quite well on but entirely through guesswork).

I will really welcome tomorrow evening’s Tonbridge owners meeting where hopefully some of my worries about Tonbridge’s future can be put to rest. I think quite a few people have donated money so if a few big donations have come in then there may not be so much to fret about.


Onto series 5 of Celebs Go Dating, the one I’ve been waiting for - MUTYA BUENA

Might go out for a drink with a pal, might not. Might eat this bag of Giant Wotsits that I’ve bought. Might not. I will though.

Quite a good day actually, things is on de up


Urgh I’m such an annoying douche with my hugs and kisses.

Hah yeah

I recently read that hot baths can dry out your skin so I’ve taken to moisturisng my face before I get in and my face and my body (OK admittedly I’ve only bothered to do my body once because I’m lazy and also isn’t your skin naturally moisturising or something?) straight after my baths.

  • You’re a genius!
  • You’re a weirdo

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Ooh more in the spirit of evening threads I have an AITA question and poll!!

At work we have a ping pong table and it’s become very popular. When there are more than 4 people playing we play this run around the table game where you have 3 lives and lose a life each time you lose a point. I’m extremely bad at the basics of it BUT a good portion of the shots I successfully hit are winners - powerful smashes, usually diagonal.

Despite being literally the worst player (I am usually first out), my ‘ruthless’ approach to hitting shots has caused some of my colleagues - who I consider to be friends - to moan loads and accuse me of ruining the game. I’m not consciously making a decision to hit those shots, it’s just an instinct thing. And half the time I don’t even hit the table anyway!!

I’m fairly sure I know the answer but I want the validation… AITA?

  • Yes, you should not play a competitive format in an instinctively competitive way
  • No, your colleagues need to get better not bitter

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In the middle of a power walk to collect my postal vote for Ireland’s Seanad elections. Need to think of a dinner idea by the time I get home as my GF is at the hospital again.

Oh no KG, sorry to hear that. Is it anything serious? Hope she’s feeling better soon.


Time to make some pasta.


Hmmm. If people are saying it’s ruining the fun I would stop being so ‘ruthless’ tbh.
For me the whole point of playing a game is to have fun…

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Those inverted commas look really passive aggressive, sorry! Not my intention, I just put them there because I’m not sure exactly what you meant by ruthless/just using your description

Thinking of doing a ‘choose your own adventure’ day next week where DiS decides my every action by way of polls.

Good idea?

  • Y
  • N

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Kill jester.

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have another wank