Wednesday Evening Thread

Getting golonka from a food market then might watch football wbu

Fuck all

The ultimate Witches evening approaches…

We’re going to eat sushi, drink cava and watch horror!!!


Playing footie in the rain; judging by those dark clouds out there!

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I’m at work until 8:30 and I’m struggling to stay awake. I’m rather bored.

Gonna eat some salmon and breeze through Hate thy Neighbour on Viceland.

Making pasta with tomato vege sauce tonight, and maybe un biere.

Daughter is having her first ever night away from me or her Mum tonight on a school residential. Feeling stupidly emotional about it! Hope she’s okay, she’s quite an anxious soul… just like her Dad.

Getting pad thai on the way home. In bed for 10pm tbh.

About to fry a stir.

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evenin all

bout to head out on the :bike: of course

Out for a pint then cooking up a paella

I’m doing some work on my balcony. Need to book some travel bits (airport buses etc) but can’t quite face it. Someone make me do it pls.

I’m also drinking an Estonian beer that got 5% on so it is at least 5 times better than Carling.

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What’s she up to on the school thing? Does it sound fun? I’m sure she’l have an awesome time and it will be really good for her :smiley:

Playing hockey, watching love island. Standard.

Pizza, tempura prawns and potato skins for dinner.
These were the ones that wife bought on Monday and left in the fridge at work.

She is then going to get her hair did, so I am free to Xbox away for a few hours.

Would like to watch the football but I have to pick up some stuff for work, then head to a gig my housemate is playing in support of these absolute lads. Fucking love their shit. For fans of Silver Apples or Suicide.


Scratch that. The fridge at work obviously doesn’t work - the cheese on the pizza is furry.


Yeah, it does sound pretty cool.

It’s here

Sure she’ll have an awesome time, she’ll be with her friends that she’s excited about… just me being a soppy old ha’peth :slight_smile:

Man I am pretty jealous of that - looks awesome!

I think the biere is a definite must tonight. I’ll join you!

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Cheers everyone!