Wednesday Evening Thread

Shovelled sand beside a beach for money today, not entirely sure why. Good times

going to eat a pie. a pizza pie

Sat waiting for my food alone in a premier inn “restaurant” in Colchester

Classic Witches :+1::grinning:

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Just back in and gonna go for a run and then cook some food and maybe watch some more Luther



Got told on my way out they don’t need me to come in for the rest of the week, or ever. So that was nice, couldn’t tell me at 9 could they. Oh well.
Wondering what to do with myself for a bit really.

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I just had takeaway, now I’m gonna have to get down to some serious packing bc I’m moving out of my flat and moving in with my girlfriend on Saturday morning!! Fun!!! But also scary!!! (I’ve never lived with a partner before).

Having some bevs and watching 13 reasons why, which is absolutely the shiteiest show on netflix yet I can’t stop, somehow.


Had some Thai food, waiting for my shopping to arrive.


I made some pasta, chicken and vegetables.

Decided to waste an hour this afternoon complaining to BT about the speed of my internet, then played Blood and Wine for a bit.

Wor Lass and child still haven’t returned from Edinburgh so I’ll get ready for football and go out.

:clubs: :diamonds: :hearts: :spades:

Went to the new Honest Burger. Was nice. Good chicken wings, especially for £4.50.

Now home guzzling pints of water (HB is salty), listening to sketches of spain, and doing a spot o’ work. Not too shabby.

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Making stuff like this. Listening to Chromatics.


Absolute fucking state of this pizza

I’m going out


Luther is great, what series?

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Love this! :heart: got it in mind for anything in particular?

Ended up with beans and sausages on toast. Decent, but not quite pizza…

Churning out large amounts of repeat pattern designs for spoonflower, redbubble and society 6 to make some money.

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I am sanding down wood

Just booked tickets for Nils Frahm in 2018. Let’s hope we’re still here by then.

I also made an omelette using a recipe and it was the best omelette I’ve ever had, bar the one I had last week at The George.