Wednesday evening thread

back by popular demand

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Hi foppyish. I’m about to eat my tea and am watching bake off repeats after totally forgetting to book a room for band practice tonight.

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Just had a nap

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Just picked up a biryani from the take away and they’ve given me two portions. Gonna have to eat them both now.


so very tired.

How do I scrape by until about 10pm?


go out for a dander?

What year of bake off?

Test drove a car (probably gonna buy it tomorrow). Having pieminister pie, mash, broccoli for tea. Watching the dopers/athletics later.

what’s that mean? like a sexual thing?


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yeah I think maybe a steady drip of tea for the next 3 hours could work

  1. Mary berry is still blonde and none if them look like they have stylists yet, it’s weird


ha! whoops :flushed:

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Tbf I didn’t realise what it meant until s couple of years ago

just a walk somewhere, although if it’s raining with you bam as much as it is here then you might not want to

@anon5266188 , those oven chips you recommended are incredible. just wish there were more of them in the bag!!!111!

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it’s always raining in my heart foppyish :frowning:

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Next level innit. But yeah, could do with more of them for sure. Not many places seem to sell them either.

Working tonight because other people can’t translate and I’m editing their shit work and it’s taking way longer than it should