Wednesday Evening Thread


hey y’all

feeling a little down this evening, was gonna go for a run but it’s coldddddd so i might take a bath instead. felt like i was gonna have a panic attack when i was out running errands earlier but didn’t, also didn’t take any meds for the anxiety, so :frowning: / :slight_smile:

ate some pasta but feel like i could eat more. should i?

idk what else. there’s cleaning to be done but i don’t feel like it.

how were your days, DiSers? tell me all.


evening gp! yeah running is proper misery at the moment -_- stupid winter II.

a bit bummed out coz i’m pretty broke and work keeps disappearing. hopefully next week will be better :grimacing: gonna just eat some chicken* nuggets, mac’n’cheese and broccoli in a bit, quite excited about it tbh.


Been feeling like giving up on life completely but I saw my friend today and that cheered me up a bit.

Now I feel guilty for not doing any music today, you’d think I’d stop bullying myself after 30 years but apparently not


that dinner sounds like it’ll cheer you up :slight_smile:


hey, it’s ok to have a day off! especially when whatever else you did made you feel good :slight_smile:


Alright gp and etc. Had a decent day, got a free meaty lunch so that was good. In the cinema now waiting to see Black Panther


oooh it’s really good! enjoy!!


Hiya :wave:


oh hai


About to eat some pasta for the 3rd night in a row, don’t judge me.


i just made my second bowl of pasta of the night <3


Got a jar if this from the co-op so gonna spend the evening trying not to eat it all :laughing:


Built my son a bedroom.


Been in bed all day, ICH BIN KRANK


this is SO nice! Those curtains!! :smiley: MARIO! SONIC!!!


kamillentee trinken?


Hey gp! Got leftover beers from the weekend so gonna smash through a couple of weak lagers :grimacing: Got fish cakes, cavolo nero and gonna fry up some leeks and mushrooms with garlic and butter as a side :yum:


sounds lush


The lamp’s awesome, it’s got like a two level effect. Not sure if this photo does it justice…


I’ve been doing loads of doodling lately, and I had a dream last night about making them into a t shirt store
So I’m kinda getting some designs ready for that tbh