Wednesday Evening Thread


hey y’all, gp here

sitting on my roof enjoying a radler or two reading up on mental health stuff in prep for my appointment with my new doctor on friday. might post some stuff in the depression thread later, stay tuned!!!

it would be 10/10 but our neighbours are also on their roof bbqing and they are bratty frat lads who make my skin crawl. so, 9/10.


Evening all.

Didn’t turn the heating timer off this morning. Going to be toasty in my flat when I get in.


Really want a beer. But off to have a tour of the maternity ward. Wooooooo


Just take a can with you, they can’t stop you


Dependable as always, gp!!

Burritos for tea. Might have a cold bath after that. Got nowt else to do really.


And you can’t have a can on the go whilst doing this?


“put that beer down”
“Yessh shir”


Was thinking earlier that I’d be really fancying a radler if I was well enough for it. Even the Fosters piss that’s the only thing you can get here.

My dickhead neighbours are out in their garden speaking at enormous volume, as always. I’m fully irked but not going to say anything, as always.


Just been out for a lovely walk. Such nice weather, though there seem to be a lot of wasps around.

I really want the job i interviewed for earlier! Going to be really annoyed if i don’t get it. Apparently they interviewed 3 people so a 1/3 chance isn’t too bad


i’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve told them to shut the hell up

apparently now we have an agreement that they won’t play their shitty music, thank god


I’m sat in my garden for the first time since we moved in 6 months ago, feels really nice :blush: Having a g&t :tropical_drink:


Can’t believe it’s evening already!

I’m digging ghostpony being the official host of the evening thread though


What’s the poke bowl sitch @ghostpony?


I keep having the imagined argument in my head and there’s no way that I don’t come off as a prize cunt. “WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST LOWER YOUR GENERAL SPEAKING TONE BY AT LEAST 15 DECIBELS” isn’t really as compelling an argument as asking them to turn off music.


I’m on a boat in central Manchester. The geese are being very loud.



alright? quite warm eh

about to make some cauliflower rice to go with my curry later


do you think they might be related to my neighbours


:wave: I’m feeling good because the sun is shining and I’m off work til Monday. Not up to much this evening other than cooking dinner and doing chores.


TV is heading out so I am going to do some combination of making music, playing vidya, and writing a best man speech.