Wednesday Evening Thread


Hi everyone

My laptop is still broken :frowning: no idea how to fix it.

Had halloumi salad for dinner and then too much ice cream. Might still eat some crisps though.

Dunno what else to report. The tv is back but working… so I’ll probably mess about on here and then do some reading and have an early night.



Those tiny black flies are everywhere and my skin is crawling. Make them go away.

No such thing as too much ice cream.


hi GP and friends!

Here’s a bam cover for you


Bored of Portuguese food, so going out for Japanese/Peruvian fusion in a bit. Oh yes.



Got another couple of hours of work to do :expressionless:

Then might do some music.


What exactly is that?


Today is officially cheat day of my diet. Only walked one way to work, too. Oh well.


really fancy a magnum now! Could walk to tesco but it’d melt by the time I get home


every day is cheat day for me lately! Had a bad week mentally but feeling better now. Consequently I want snacks to celebrate. Can’t win :smiley:


Evening ghostpony and assorted DiSers,

I also had halloumi salad, which I think was at least partly inspired by you, so thank you as it was well tasty :slight_smile:

Just waiting for R to get home (my mum picked him up), then going to pack him off to bed and get to work with the DiS World Cup sticker swapshop :+1:

Mostly wasted today which I am a bit annoyed with.


What sort of ice cream did you have @ghostpony?


Peru has a MASSIVE Japanese community.

Hasn’t answered your question, but anyway.



Three chocolate :smile:


Halloumi salad is my go to summer menu.


Evening gp,

Lying in bed trying to nap, unsuccessfully . Really tired and it’s making me a bit sad. Wanted to nap as got a little bit of work to do this eve and thought it would be better post nap.

Room is a mess as was looking for something with my NINO on last night, need to shove stuff back under the bed.

Might just get up have my tea, do the work and then get an early night.


(Tea is leftover chili fyi and shall be tomorrow too)


Red hot Texas style chili?


No idea, but fingers crossed for Guinea pig sashimi


Chicken goujon sandwich with:

  • Ketchup
  • Sriracha

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