Wednesday Evening Thread

Evening lovely dissers (and the rest of you :wink:).

I’ve just been to see Ocean’s 8 which was ok but felt like they didn’t use the cast enough. Now I’m having non-sushi at yo sushi and in a bit I’m going to cheer on England :field_hockey: against USA on the telly.

What are you up to, what are you eating, you know the drill.

Hey Laelfy

Spent today at home, so watched le tour. Me parents have come up for my birthday, so we’re sat in the garden having a picnic, listening to Yo La Tengo

Post food consumption


The baby has finished his dinner


Are you feeling better? Have you had a nice birthday?

Did you get any in its mouth etc etc

Had dinner, watching season 3 of Zoo on Netflix, off out for some Tasty :beers: at Mother Kelly’s in a bit. Which I’m looking forward to, but it does mean I’m going to have to put socks on again…

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Going to have a burger. That’s as far as I’ve got.

Got a fair bit of work to do tonight, so there’s that.

Waiting on the tv getting home with some food, apparently she’s got a notion for tuna.

Lovely out, I just wanna sit outside drinking beer.

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He’s a bit of a control freak and won’t let you hold the spoon…so we give up and he has a bath after every meal, like an Emperor or something


G and T in the garden (raspberries make for a great garnish btw) then dinner (tuna burgers?) then tv then bed.

Living it up


Just washed my hands with new soap. They smell so real good.
Making a Thai green curry and watching The Office US. Was just going to watch one but am now on my fourth. I’m so fucking wild.

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Well I think you’re lovely even if no one else does.

Eh spill, you tease

You seeing YLT in b-town in a few weeks?

gonna go for a walk in a bit to catch some pokes. just ate a paraguayo.

you put a lamb in your freezer






Nah, mainly for baby reasons, but were thinking about it. Saw them in May, so had my YLT fix.

@laelfy had a slow day. Feeling better but not 100%

Update, she couldn’t get Tuna so we’re now having some sausage/bean casserole type thing :+1:

my housemate is currently playing a game of how many times he can listen to the same two songs in a row

kill me