Wednesday Evening Thread



what are you up to?

I’ve got some spinach and ricotta tortellini which might be ok. i’m kickin’ it, probably gonna have a coupla brewskis and watch selfie from hell and/or killer app or maybe something not unbelievably shit instead


what happened to the taco? was warming to it :frowning:


I prefer hard shell tacos and felt like I was living a lie

might switch back though, so I get that rush of getting new badges


I’m at Rough Trade East waiting for Anna Calvi to turn up. Stunning album. Probably will make my top 5 of the year.

I walked here from The BFI. I think I’ll have a pint here when she turns up and then walk to Camden for a “final” pint but will have a few halves along the way at a couple of pubs.

Have a great evening everyone.


discovered I’ve got some garlic bread. think my evening has peaked


I’m in London and counting the men wearing blue suits standing outside this pub. Eleven.
No, wait. Twelve.



Despite not liking films, I’ve been enjoying watching films this week, what film shall I watch?


Making some spiced roasted cauliflower cheese thingy


Is it a new trend? You see loads of them about. Bright blue as well! Quite like it


are they all together?


join me, watch selfie from hell

(do not do this)


I walked along Threadneedle Street to get to Rough Trade. Inevitably and obviously loads of men in blue suits and suits in general. I’m pretty sure 99% of them are arseholes.


Went on a walk with my friend in the countryside this evening and am very puzzled by this sign

What are the horses up to??


Should be a dis film club thread, everyone watches the same film at the same time, live posting reactions


I like how the zeroes could be its eyes


I think I need to be less selfish in life and more supportive of those around me.


Dealing ketamine


Had quorn burgers (using up freezer stuff)

Watching Sharp Object.

Need to pack some stuff.


Having sweetcorn fritters, guacamole and salsa for tea. Might just go to bed straight afterwards - the dogs have got me fucking knackered.


Off to watch The Screaming Females tonight. Everyone else has decided to be soft and go to the grindcore show. Booo.