Wednesday Evening Thread




Had my 2nd interim appraisal meeting as the first one collapsed as neither me or my manager had put any thought into it. Ended up turning the tables and listing the things I never want to do again, and agreeing some working from home action. Productive meeting


Currently drinking a 10% beer from @thewarn country. Gonna warm some spag bol and have some moar beerz. Away to Bristol tomorrow morning


I’ve overdone it.


Eating leftover curry from Monday’s takeaway.

Cup of tea in my new bee mug (its like the tea towel)

Need to ring my Dad back, do the washing up and some ‘homework’.


Also got absolutely drenched on the walk to work, was wet all day.


Had lettuce ‘fajitas’ for dinner, fucking glorious. Now having some vimto, might go mental and have a Beck’s Blue after.

Anything good on Netflix at the moment? Resorted to Se7evenen last night, good laugh but would like something new.


Where the hell is everyone?


They’re all over at the music board for the United game I think.




Hi anyone who is here :wave:

I have nothing else to add.


Still feeling pretty ropey. Hopefully I’m alright in the morning so I can go to work. Don’t feel like forking out €50 to a GP for a sick cert.


Evening all. It IS quiet here, isn’t it?

I’m having minced beer pie & chips, drinking a Proper Job and listening to Dots & Loops by Stereolab.

After dinner I’ll be firing up Ableton and stealing more Scandinavian folk songs.




Welcome to Ireland!


Our GP’s hand them out for anything, and for no cost at all.


I mentioned earlier that my dad had a fall at lunchtime, and I went and sorted him out.

This evening he had another fall, and he’s passed away. It’s so quick, and I have no idea what to do with myself.


Watching a film whilst I’m sweating on my exercise bike!!! Yaaaaaaaaay


Omg I am so sorry to hear that. Sending you hugs. Look after yourself.


Feeling slightly nervous about some filming tomorrow morning, and more nervous about having just bombarded the person I’m doing it with with a shit load of messages about when / how we’re going to get there early tomorrow.

And now I’m burdening all of you with my worries, har har