Wednesday Evening Thread


In a weird state where half of me is in a panic about how much we have to do before we leave, and a kind of “oh it’ll all work out” mode. We have about a month until we leave and we’re away for two weeks of that :-/

Anyway. Mozzarella salad for dinner followed by baking vegan brownies for work tomorrow (maybe it’ll sweeten the news that I’m leaving) (no not really it’s my birthday celebration) (but I am leaving). Cleaned the bathroom too. Dunno what to do now but there’s so much to do. Might just fanny about on the internet.



Just polished off a Thai green curry with pork shoulder and Asian eggplant, made with a paste i made from scratch a few days ago. It was absolutely fucking delicious, one of the best things I’ve made in ages. Nailing the execution of a curry is so so satisfying innit?


Everything will be fine gp :blush:

I’m just having a pre-bike ride espresso :ok_hand:


Is it your birthday tomorrow @ghostpony? Mine too.

I’ve got about an hour of marking to do before tomorrow morning but I know the hour before I start class won’t really be an hour.

Roasted chicken and potato for tea. I wish I had homemade curry @Smee.


Waddling home after heavy squat session in the gym. Drinking this cos I’m a wrongun


Been Aldi and Waitrose. Doing that Waitrose cod and fennel thing for tea. Lots of cuddles with the baby, but she’s grouchy so it’s bed time.

Huge amount of confusion over the work rota for the next couple of days, all because somebody didn’t give a message to somebody they should have done and palmed it off on me to do. Useless


Had a pure fucker of a day. Headache throughout and to add to it en route home some fellowsmashed into the back of my bros car as we were driving home. What a fucking fright.

Got some tasty homemade soup to have tonight. Quite fancy a vino :thinking:


Happy Birthday GP


So you’re the person who buys these.

Please make sure to deposit the used can in the gutter, on park bench, or tossed onto the railway line


Hold on, I’ve got to fold up my crisp packet and stick it in the can opening

(this was my first one of these in years, so sweet pretty sure I’ve now got bad diabetes pray for doubleespresso)


Current status:


it’s actually on saturday but people work from home on friday and then i am off for two weeks so i thought i should probably bring in something tomorrow.


Is this a cry for help?


Vanilla nourishment = cry for attention
Banana nourishment = cry for help


Mmm Nourishmenf…


Had a hankering for a chinese takeaway. Got a chinese takeaway. I am very excited :blush: :takeout_box:


Deets pls


I don’t want to. It’s pure filth.


Chinese food that you consume away from the premises it was prepared on.


I used to drink these as a teenager when I was worryingly skinny even though I ate loads.