Wednesday Evening thread

Please don’t call me a dickhead, @laelfy

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Of course not. Thankyou for starting the evening thread ccb.

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stressing about my dentist appointment on Monday, going to be feeling tense until then I guess

What time is your dentist appointment?

I need to check exactly but I think it’s around 3:30pm

Ah okay.


How is everyone anyway? Good days? Much lined up for this evening? Hope you’re all taking care on the icy pavements and footpaths.

That’s an awful lot of time to stress over something that’s not that bad. How about you delay stressing about it till Monday?

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yeah well I mean it’ll probably intensify as the time gets closer but it’s been on my mind since the beginning of January. Just find it really embarrassing.


Kids are here. We are having pies potatoes and veggies for tea and I’m very much looking forward to it

I have a bit of a sore throat coming on, I’d better not be getting a cold

I expect we’ll watch more of the new Always Sunnies later

I might buy some snacks from the coop tonight. Wish I was more adventurous with snacks though, I’ll just end up buying a big bag of crisps

Evening all. About to do Jimbo’s bedtime. He’s had a nap. It’ll take aaaages.

Back for food chat in an hour or so :confused:

Crisps are a good evening snack though. You can sometimes pick up a decent value bag of pistachios from the corner shop if you fancy a change.

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I decided to have a quick nap at 3:30. I’ve only just woken up.

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Are you Jimbo?


Woah, are you me?? I’m in exactly the same boat - dentist next Monday at half three freaking me right out. It’s been ages - years since I last went and I’m sure it’s going to be terrible.

Solidarity. :fist:


Had an okish day, still stuck in new job purgatory doing endless training sessions by Skype. Went out for a walk this afternoon to get some daylight and had a walk through the botanic gardens which are five minutes from me. Annoyingly got to go back to my parents tonight to pick up some mail as two letters have come in from the nhs and my dad is losing his wig over not being able to open them. Not entirely sure what their contents will be myself :neutral_face:

trying to stay awake as long as possible

Did you at least get sauce this time?

have i not got sauce before? I’m all about pakora sauce