Wednesday! Evening! Thread!

What’s the misery option?

Get yerself some pakora, butter chicken, garlic naan, rice and be done :white_check_mark:

I mean I was only in there for about fifteen minutes so hopefully won’t have picked anything up :wink:

Thanks, me too!

pasta (red) pesto.

the worst.

I’m sorry Prof but as ever, the big news was always going to be the friends we made along the way.


That’s not misery. Have you got some cheddar to grate over it?

fucks sake.

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Sopranos and beers for the evening.


it so is. no cheese. not even super noodles.

pasta w/ pesto

  • misery
  • non misery

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We were out of tea and pasta sauce so I had to pop out, and there were people just browsing, taking their time, doubling back on themselves. How could they be so ignorant of how things ought to be working?

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I like it, add some tenderstem and baby you’ve got a stew going but it’s a quick, midweek meal for me so therefore by association it’s a misery meal

its the kind where the pesto has been open in the fridge for maybe 2 weeks, and I’m going to have to ‘fill it out’ with olive oil. no bacon, mushrooms or broccoli to go with it either.

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not even spinach

think its because I genuinely ate it 4 or 5 times a week at uni that I consider it a misery meal.

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Linguine with SDT pesto, grated cheddar and a mini garlic naan is one of my favourite cheapo meals

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Made for dinner fresh perhaps with peas and haloumi very good not misery.

Scraped from the kids place into a Tupperware to add some salad leaves to and take to work the next day when all you want is crisps very much misery.


FUCKING HELL. Put this in my face immediately. Where did you get that meat from?! !!!
!!?!?!?!?! ?!?!! !?!?!?!?!


Funk, that is not nearly enough mustard, sorry to break it to you


I genuinely think it’s just a lot harder to teach people new behaviour. Friend of mine works in a corner shop that has reduced it’s opening hours, and he says without fail every morning there’s a group of older folk who would usually get their paper - simply unable to change their routine. I guarantee it’s the same with social distancing. They hear what you’re saying but can’t take it in let alone act on it.