Wednesday! Evening! Thread!

found masel some wild garlic last weekend and made an amazing pesto with it, twas a damn good bowl of pasta it made. :+1:

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Pulled jackfruit chilli, rice and guacamole

Hopefully the wire. My gf isn’t enjoying it as much as the sopranos but she does hate Ziggy so hopefully I can entice her by getting her to wonder what japes he can conjur up next


its not very much possibly off sacla, and nothing else.

Is that an untoasted bagel??

Oh man just get a bloody takeaway. I’ll give you money.


but the pesto.


That’s not great.
My sympathies

just had ma dinner. Now gonna watch breaking bad. for the record i got 8 episodes from the end of breaking bad about 6 years ago and then just stopped watching for whatever reason, so have decided to finish it off.

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i’m not complaining, but I won’t have this community tell me its anything other than a misery meal.

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From the butchers at my work. It’s been slow cooking all day. It’s amazing.

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Fuck the pesto


There’s more on the second one!

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Early NWA lyrics etc etc


The Clash’s earlier draft etc etc

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the decision has been made. i’m locked in.

pencilled in saturday as takeaway night. lots of time to ruminate between now and then, though.

It is. I forgot to toast them if I’m honest Slicky. This is the first bagel I’ve ever had.

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Was genuinely willing to Just Eat you some food of my choosing.


8 portions of sauce.



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I don’t know! I haven’t got a standard LI order and haven’t actually eaten from this one before. Probably something paneer? And as many sundries as I can get away with.
Can’t see any pakora on there, it is an outrage