Wednesday evening thread


alreet, what’s happenin’?
all ready for GBBO?
have something nice for tea? (i had burritos)


Thanks for making this thread so I didn’t have to!


what’s GBBO?



damn must have missed an in-joke.

It’s like that TST and Jam on Toast thing all over again


i’ve had some berry jellies and a bottle of tropicana orange and mango (i had a big lunch)
will watch gbbo IN MY OWN TIME this week

catching up with internet stuff. got last weeks episodes of celebs go dating on in the background (@meowington). the lad from outnumbered described his type as ‘half-foreign’.


Been working in Lincoln today. Just had a 5 hour train journey back to Glasgow. Absolutely shattered, really can’t be arsed going to work tomorrow.

Might watch Love & Mercy, that beach boys film.


that doesn’t sound like a big lunch!


i had chicken and chips at half two. still full!


the role paul dano was born to play, tbh



I’m really sleepy, just trying to stay awake for a bit longer so I can go to bed without waking up in the middle of the night.

That is all I have to report at present.



Just listened to 30 fuzz pedals in a row in the name of research. Think I know what I’m after now.

Going to celebrate by lifting some weights.


what ya gonna go for?


Yeah love a bit of Dano. I started watching it on a plane once but had terrible earphones and couldn’t really make out the dialogue.


Dwarfcraft Silver Rose, thank you for asking.

Given that the previous favourite was the Eau Claire Thunder and this thing has one of those in it AND another fuzz pedal AND you can blend the two AND it’s got a clean blend AND I jizzed everywhere sorry.


be honest, you chose it because it’s by dwarfcraft yeah?


New user or new username?


It didn’t hurt, tbhtbf.


Been working like a dog :dog: all day since 5:30am until this moment. Just ate some halloumi (!) and roast veg now time for GBBO followed by a bit of reading and bed.


was it raw?