Wednesday evening thread


Lets break it down bam, guess some letters:

G____ B______ B___ O__


saw it at the cinema and quite enjoyed it. really good what they did with the mixing of beach boys recordings and paul dano/set stuff.


Raw because I’d promised her mozzarella


Was UnluckyBeast on the old ones. Didn’t post much then was banned for posting something stupid. And signed up again now.


Something breaking bad?


Hey everyone had a shanner of a day at work. Came home to tacos and a dance party.


My hometown! What’re you working on pal?


Just started on a kind of graduate scheme ( though I graduated ages ago) in the civil service and it was an induction thing. Pretty boring.


Fun fact: Lincoln is well known for its small-town mentality.


Back from victoria park
Very nice out
Hosting this stranger now got to clean the bathroom
Drunk and stoned help Ruffers


seem to be writing in verse too ffs


Don’t, I recently read that thread.

I once went to see Anna Von Hauswolff play the organ at Lincoln cathedral. Saw the magna carta too, obviously


Did you go in for a drink?*

*the Magna Carta is also the name of a pub in the city of Lincoln.


Having a whisky and coke.
Went to the natural history museum, science museum today with ma kid. Watching a 2 year old see DiNoSaUrS in the flesh and other SCIENCE stuff was great.


Fun fact: Lincoln


I was driving so only had 1 with some food at a very standard gastropod type place quite near the cathedral.

Also, it was the first time I drove on the motorway.


Hang in there Ruff-dog!


Date night with @elthamsmateowen


How many times do you think they posed to take this photo? [poll public=true]

  • Just the one
  • Blatantly more than one, the vain bastards.


oh got he’s the worst