!Wednesday Evening Thread!

how’s squirtle doing these days?

Not on snackbook at the moment (not doing enough exercise), and the food’s already been ordered

ah sorry, that’s a rough one, I don’t think I’m in a good enough place to diet or even to allow myself to feel bad about eating crap

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evening all :wave:

not been a very good day for a variety of reasons, not helped by a headache that has got progressively worse during the day.

hoping that dinner will sort both the mood and the headache out though - spag bol with garlic bread. should be nice.

incidentally, when I cook spaghetti, I will usually eat a stick or two raw while cooking the rest. this is:

  • fine
  • not fine

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hope it’s sunny where he is or squirtle is getting added to the bad sunglassers list

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@Witches half and half is the only way to go with pizza, can’t imagine eating a whole pizza with just one set of toppings…of course I’m eating the whole pizza in one go before you ask

pizza always turned me so anti-social at parties, if pizza is ordered I’m just going to take my share and go off into a corner and eat it in peace until it’s all gone

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Evening witches et al. Tub o humous and cucumber for tea. It’s raining right now (again) so I’m waiting to go for a walk. Mix up between Celeb Masterchef, Love Island Aus and the Liverpool game which are all on at 9.

Where from?

Had a cracking day off. Just had roast dinner too. Excellent all round.


Sonny’s, Sandy Lane, Fair Oak [chefs kiss]

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:heart: cauliflower cheese :heart:

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Personally I’d say you’re actually outside the pub


just bought my first set of bedsheets in years as my flatmate is obsessed with them and I got caught up in the mood

i’m holding @laelfy responsible if they aren’t up to scratch (I got a buttoned one just to be safe)

Let’s see

Evening, pretty exhausting day as spent last 3hrs copying and pasting information from a word document to an application.

No idea what to do for tea. Maybe roast aubergine, carrots and…something else.

This duvet with same colour of pillowcases, and that sheet. Also a denim sheet since my current one is ancient/the wrong size

For someone who wears crazy shirts those sheets are very reserved!

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i was tempted by some of the out there ones but idk. A lot had very detailed designs on the inside and i feel like id get a headache/have some wild dreams in them. Maybe i’ll stretch out next time

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