Wednesday Evening Thread

Me again, and again I don’t think anyone has started one of these yet?

I’m painting my nails for the first time in a whole year!!! How’s you?

Hey Witches and get everyone else :wave:

Am just on my way back from Cambridge - I definitely don’t miss this journey. Gonna have pie, wedges and G&T tonight so it’s not all bad. Nothing else to report but hope you all have good evenings!


Pub quiz!


Hi Witches and all. Just about to start cooking. I forgot the Scotland game was on tonight. That’ll bring my mood down no doubt.

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Hey hey!!

Got to dispense some dry ice from an extinguisher today. No fire, just practice.

Making Brian Harvey specials for tea then got to sort out stuff for training I am doing tomorrow.

I always have painted toes…what colour are your nails??

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I don’t paint mine but when I trim them they smell like cheese. Hope this helps.

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Sorry I liked this before I read that it would bring your mood down. That part I do not like.

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Delightful. Like a ripe and ready brie.

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The colour of witches flesh (green) :nail_care:

What colour are your toes??

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Ooosh, i was :ok_hand: thiiis close to posting my own thread when you did this one. Trying to decide whether to cook or treat myself to a payday burrito.

Prob play some guitar, watch a mad men and go to bed.

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Evening all!

Today has been a complete waste and I still need to do about 4hrs of extra work this week.

Turns out The Child isn’t really that ill but Wor Lass has spent the day intermittently napping so I’ve done all of the childcare while she enjoyed her sick day.

I had some nice chicken and rice for tea though.


At a gig

Waiting for the band to take to the stage

Warm beer and the smell of patchouli oil, oh how I have missed you

Would like the mosquitoes :mosquito: to fuck off though

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I am going to drink some grapefruit and orange gin with tonic and ice, put the kids to bed and maybe choose a movie to watch and maybe do some work. Maybe

Look at the size of this huge avocado that costs €5!

Also saw a massive round aubergine:

And the supermarket has introduced eco friendly refillable cat litter.

I’m going to miss French supermarkets!


I love finding giant fruit and veg.


I love a tuna jackpot. Not you @Tuna but you’re cool obvs

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There’s a free gig on in town I was thinking about going to, but a) I’m bloody knackered, and b) I’d quite like my first proper gig back to be something I’m really looking forward to IYKWIM?

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Dame Kelly Holmes has borrowed my inflatable mattress.

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Leaves briefcase on bench next to you and silently leaves