Wednesday evening thread


Ive immediately got back into my bed where I will remain. Someone bring me delicious dinner pls.

How was everyone’s day? Hope it wasn’t too cold where you are :snowflake:

Tell me what you’re having for your dinner! What you watching? What you drinking?



It was nearly 16 degrees this weekend, now it’s snowing.



alright witches?

I am not bad thanks Bam, how are yooou? Xxx

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I’m fucking freezing

Cottage/shepherd’s pie for dinner (will be a mix of beef and lamb so I can’t call it one or the other)


yeah not bad just ate some delicious chocolate, can’t complain!

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Evening all!

I survived a day of working from home like in the old days. I even took myself to M&S for lunch.

We made a SA fish curry for tea which was really nice. This is the recipe:

I’m hoping we’ll watch a film later, but I might have a bath too.


Lovely, what kind of chocolate you eating Bam?

Also, where’s your lovely avatar gone?


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Anyone know Tim Dillon?! Pal of mine has a spare ticket for his gig tonight and I said I’d go. Know nothing about him, apart from he’s a comedian.

it was the humble Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut bar!

oh yeah avatar, must have left it somewhere one second…

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Can’t believe I thought it wasn’t big coat weather today, what a chump.

A not great day at all today. Might have a small nap and think about what to have for dinner afterwards. Will eat that while watching Derry Girls series two.

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Sorry to swan in here and be a braggart but “someone” (me!) has a clean oven

Depressingly ecstatic about this, might relocate to the kitchen with my laptop tonight and watch a film whilst basking in the glow of the oven light.

Pizza for dinner. Been in my pyjamas for an hour.

All round preeeeeeeeeetty good night :see_no_evil:


Fuuucking hell. I need to clean my oven so bad. :laughing:

Hi :wave:

Ready meal lasagne for dinner. It’s been in the oven for aaaaages, surely it must be cooked by now.

Tonight to do list includes booking fossil hunters, which isn’t something you do every day is it?

I never knew it was grey inside. Thought it was meant to be black and crusty.


Details pls

Evening Witches, all,

My day was OK, it is cold and rainy outside though which is a bit disappointing.

Having dominos for my tea as it’s my last night home alone before Mr s_w returns from his conference tomorrow (ordering now). Can’t decide what to watch so started re-watching What We Do In The Shadows (series) while i find inspiration. Drinking some of this nice flavoured water I get from M&S as a treat, its sparking and lemon & yuzu flavoured. Delicious and I feel fancy!

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Had an emergency pizza for tea.

Can’t deal with how cold and windy and horrible it is out there but need to take the dog out quickly as our walk earlier got rained off after about 200 yards.