Wednesday Evening Thread


Look how nice this looks:


Doesn’t look that nice IMO


I’m in a pub waiting for a man I’m to have some beers with (he is running late)

Pray for wr


Does if you play it


Sorry what?!


I got it on third reading. Really appreciated it at that point


Wednesday night date night?!

  • gotta finish some work
  • then eat some dinner (possibly burritos)
  • gotta work on a mate’s music video
  • also try to play a bit of zelda


On another long train journey and bored enough to have read the My Vitriol threads parts 1 and 2.

Good luck with the date, whiterussian!


Forgot it was mine and my bfs official anniversary yesterday hehe :kissing_closed_eyes:


evening all


Just played football. I was shite. So unfit. Scored with my right foot though which rarely happens. Hopefully will get a bit fitter for next week by riding my bike.

Taking the parents to dinner again. Probably just six degrees north as it is very near my house.


On the only train of the week that has onboard WiFi. Thus, I’m in here. Fens are looking beautifully bleak this evening


I was gonna go for a run but I sacked it off because I’m feeling lazy and tired. :expressionless:

Gonna have some pasta and do some writing I think.


fellow lefty, eh. lefties are the BEST


Going to have Thai food and then see wire


Life is wank


Hi guys, in the office late for hopefully the last time this week (settled into a routine of doing Mon, Tues, Weds late and not Thurs and Fri). Pizza on it’s way.




Was supposed to be going to this but binned it off, not sure if I’m regretting it yet or not: