Wednesday evening thread

Evening all. Just hanging by the river, trying to entertain my youngest and a pal while my eldest is playing footie nearby. Youngest has just gone for a burton, which was quite amusing.

What’s on your respective evening agendas? Assuming you’re all watching Shetland, obz.



Work once i get pox riddled child to sleep, can’t wait to leave the flat again :smiling_face_with_tear: hope my legs remember how to walk

Remembered why i don’t buy mars ice creams to keep at home. They’re constantly calling me. Imagine liking any pudding more than a mars ice cream

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Might chippie


Snickers ice creams i remember being similarly dangerous

Evening all!

No football tonight because The Rangers are playing in Europe.

I had meatballs and coconut curry for tea.

I quite like a Mars ice cream but haven’t had one in years. They’re probably tiny now.

Do you reckon there’s anyone in the uk who enjoys watching the One Show? Like, actively looks forward to it, checks who’s on etc.

It’s like a somehow worse version of good morning Britain

  • Yeah there probably are people who like it
  • I like it
  • No one likes it

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I get actual angst when I’ve left the local news on too long and it rolls over into the theme. Fucking horrific.






Hey everyone

Slightly stressy day work wise, but basically ok

My sons coming round, I’m cooking crispy chilli beef , got prawn crackers and spring rolls too

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Not as bad as:

Songs of praise
BBC ‘click’

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I reckon it’s like background ambient noise for some people

If it was a streaming series which all dropped on one day, zero people would binge watch the whole thing

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Countryfile is great. Good theme tune too.


Fucking boring imo.

Oh there’s some increased sediment in the Thames estuary? Some boring birds are nesting in Macclesfield? Wake me up next week mate.



Just have actual ambient noise and stock footage on imo. Would be a lot cheaper and better.


points of view still exists somehow, in 2022, when the entire world is essentially just ignorant points of view


A live feed of Stevenage town centre set to Philip glass. Would be great.


Was going to do some coding stuff to work towards freeing myself from the yoke of the capitalist, but I’ve neglected my Linux installation for too long and now it’s in a “can’t update apps because you need to upgrade the OS” vs “can’t upgrade the OS because you need to update the core apps” temporal paradox and I can’t face untangling this without someone around to stroke my hair and tell me everything’s going to be ok, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

Intellectually I’ve accepted that it’ll be way less stress to nuke it from orbit and do a clean install, but I’m not there yet emotionally.

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Evening by the way

Had pitta pizzas for tea.

Watching the last episode of the Arsenal All or Nothing thing.

Gonna prepare some overnight oats (cc: things no-one has thought about for ages) and then probably have a very early night cos I’m at work at 4.31 in the morning :tired_face:

Made pizzas earlier

Now chilling with a beer or 2 and trying to not to get angry about just about everything