Wednesday evening thread

Evenin’ all! What’s everyone up to? Anyone watching the presidential debate later?

I’m drinking a beer while listening to the new Male Bonding album (which is fucking excellent.). Will probably watch the football later and maybe the debate, though I do have an early start for band practice tomorrow.

Hello, friends! I’m in the office doing some work and streaming the African Cup of Nations draw. The public got their hands on the game yesterday and it’s been well-received so far so lots of relief at the minute.

When’s the ACN Ant? Early next year?

Congrats on the game launch!

Just wrote this in the Tuesday evening thread but here we go again. Why not eh!
I’m just cooking dinner, watching the football and stressing about house stuff. Early night for me I think…

Had a bit of a tidy up :house: . Now time for :pizza: and :soccer: :thumbsup:

Cheers pal, it’s just the pre-release beta that’s launched so far but it’s the first big milestone dealt with, just a couple weeks more of it being manic now hopefully.

AFCON starts mid-January yeah, Uganda’s first appearance in 40 years! Legit more invested in their chances than in England’s at any tournament since about 2004…

Stress ain’t any fun. What are you cooking?

This bloody forum and pizza. Bloody Hell.

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:goat: :cheese: and beetroot :smile:

Good stuff man! Always amazed that you work on a game that’s loved by so many people. Fair play!

I normally follow the Ivory Coast in it but will keep an eye out for Uganda. Predictions?

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Enjoy your farts at Reading!

Listening to the new Dillinger Escape Plan (which is excellent) and drinking ginger beer (which is average).

I was watching this 2014 BBC sitcom called Lovesick, but I got too distracted when the penny dropped that it was filmed in Glasgow with an English cast. Kept thinking stuff like “I recorded an EP in that building!” and “I’m pretty sure I’ve been sick on those stairs!” rather than paying attention to what was happening.

The fact that all the supporting cast are audibly Glaswegian should, I grant you, also have tipped me off.

I’m very lucky, nice to be reminded how lucky I am around release time.

Uganda are pretty rubbish, their best player is Farouk Miya who signed for Standard Liege last season and is a real “hot-prospect”, the’ve got a couple of other players playing in Portugal and Scandinavia but they mostly play in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania. Would be brilliant if they could sneak a win or two though.

surprised by how shit the new city logo is every time I see it. the eagle one was a lot better.

Nah man, that eagle one was bollocks, good to see them returning to the historic version

going to have a #cheeky soy yoghurt and then get to work on a spreadsheet

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i think its because of the Melbourne and New York logos tbh. Turns out City were playing lower league football when they introduced the eagle design, so I wasn’t really exposed to it as a kid.

Just got in from giving part of a talk at a Uni about our graduate scheme, first public speaking in ages but it went ok.

Leftover curry. Would go to the pub to watch City v Barca but everywhere will have Celtic on.

I’m doing veggie burger and oven chips. Child’s food but it’ll be goooooood.

Will be rooting for the Cranes to win a match next years so!