Wednesday evening thread


I’m not at work tomorrow so I’m going to get fucked up on whiskey and watch ghost in the shell



Have only had three pints and a buckfast in November. Really wouldn’t mind a nice whisky - football at nine though.



Great shout man. Has live action Akira with Joseph Gordon 3rd rock from the sun been abandoned yet? I hope so.

Father in law over tonight. Doing a roast. The Bill Paxton triple bill is making me hope we’ve got stuffing mix in.

Got a cold, work is mental. Could do without tonight but w/e. Will put on some blue Nile at some point.


Talking of Simpsons, has anyone mentioned this yet? Embarrassing move by my former uni imo.


Whiskey would DEFINITELY improve your passing.


OMG I just want to eat stuffing now.


hi. was supposed to be going to see Arrival with a mate tonight. been up since 5 though and dog tired, so that’s out the window.

will hopefully be asleep by 9 at the latest tonight


oooh stuffing mix, so very good


I’m listening to moogmemory plus by Matthew Bourne through some really nice speakers and I don’t want to do anything else. Cracking album and a big improvement on the previous one.

Going to go for a walk around eight, listen to the new Tanya Tagaq another time and then go to a pub where I can write up the reviews I’m meant to have done.


Fucking love that early night man.


I wish I had nicer speakers.


tomorrow is my Friday, thank F.

I’m excited. got my whole spare room ready as a studio and four days to record a shit ton for two songs, then four more in dec to do two more. Been ages since I got to be properly creative so i’m impatient to just go for it and shut myself away for a while


me too, bud. problem is, if I’m asleep by 9, I’ll be bolt awake at 3am. fucks sake!


Off to see 65daysofstatic. Love living in a place I don’t have to get on a train for an hour to go to gigs.


Man that sounds like complete dreamland.


Me too man. On the flip side, if I go to bed at 3am I’m awake at 7am without FAIL.


Got this stereo system from my Dad. He must have bought it when I was five or six and barely used it. Really nice piece of kit.


Completely funded by Hard Working English Taxpayers too.


Mmmmmmm nice. My grandad gave me a really nice old B&O system but one of the speakers blew and I couldn’t get it repaired. Now I just use some pretty crappy PC speakers.