Wednesday evening thread


Some impatient dickhead just reached across me to try and press the button to open the train doors, when the train was still moving. I deliberately waited just a couple of seconds once the “open” button was illuminated. I consider that a victory.

How are you all?


Just got some cheesecake from the neighbour :heart_eyes: :cake:


double bill of masterchef after missing it yesterday, what a time to be alive.


Evening! Getting a cold, bleugh. Just mystery shopped a MacDonald’s and I’m 100% sure they were onto me. :hamburger:


Definite victory and certainly something I would have done to agitate the impatient twat :slight_smile:


I’m listening to the Springsteen live album from the Hammersmith Odeon in 1975 while also reading his autobiography. Nearly finished it and it’s a damn good read.

Will probably have a beer or two, shower and then early to bed. Have shaken myself out of whatever funk I was in the last few days and want to wake up tomorrow feeling good.


drinking Heineken. How hard is it to write a CV? I haven’t looked at mine for 7 years and have probably lost it. The thought of creating one is filling me with bad anxiety.


It’ll be fine, mine is shire but I still get jobs




Drinking beer and watching football. Housemate and his dog aren’t in tonight so it’s a quiet one which is LUSH.

Sort of which they’d been out tomorrow night though, it’s my work party and I’m going to come back late and smashe-WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF


Happy to help if you want Bammers


God speed you :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Alternating between work and rocket league while the TV has her hair cut in our kitchen (which is preventing me from cooking).


bless you x


yeah to be honest, around here with the kind of jobs I’d be getting I shouldn’t really worry too much.

Basically considering taking some extended time out of working to try and address my mental health.




Haha that exact same train thing happneed to me on the way home. Though she did have a half full bottle of prosecco in the other hand, so I was like fair enough.


slices of cheesecake with jam on?


I’m only posting this cos I went to see it the other night. Heineken is a fine enough beer Bammers.


Have a cracking time at the work party. :beers::beers::beers: