Wednesday Evening Threadnesday

Evening all

How are you all? Hope you’ve had good days. Regardless, I hope this thread will bring you joy.

Just left :fireworks: Cambridge North :fireworks: and am heading home. Plan for the evening: eat some chilli, maybe watch some more Derry Girls, join the Low Listening Club in bed later. (Not a euphemism).

You / yours?

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Evenjng CCB,

My bro is getting a rare night off, so along with an ATD we’re heading out for some ramen, a few beers and then off to see joker. Followed no doubt by some more beers. :+1:

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Very on-brand :smiley: have a good one!

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I am here image

I have possibly drunk too much free booze already

Strange evening


Evening CCB, all

I am still at my desk which is a minor ball ache. Lots to do before holidays on Saturday. I can’t complain - I have brought it on myself by spending time on instead of working.

Later I shall eat a biryani and watch Bojack Horseman


Hello! Had a lazy morning then been for a nice drive around the countryside followed by a trip to Dartmouth and the M&S/Lidl double. Gonna cook some steaks for tea in a bit and watch shit TV. Nice day.

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I’d like to think that this lad is watching over the evening thread tonight.


Eating onion bahjis and saag aloo :blush:

The flat’s a mess so going to clean up after bedtime is out of the way, my chia delivery is finally here so going to get off my tits on that first.

There’s something I should be doing and I’m really anxious about it…but I cant remember what it is.


You must be chialighted!


Bit seedy.

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Oh hang on, is @scout into both chai and chia?

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That’s Gustav Vasa mate - Sweden’s OG King. And in front of him there in the pic is Sweden’s next Queen

No idea how I get invited to these things

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You could say @scout is a true chialeader



I think it’s stir fry for dinner tonight. No exciting plans for the night. The other half is out tonight, so I’ll be staying it while the boy sleeps.

Oh man, what a disastrous PR typo for the chai/scout brand.

Chia has no place in my world


I’d appreciate some chairification from her


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I usually work late on a Wednesday but I’m doing tomorrow night instead, which I’m glad about as I’m wrecked.

My brother in law the job of refurbing the downstairs cloakroom. While it took ages quote and get back to me, I actually got him to do it in the end. Progress seemed slow but he’s done a lot today.

Tonight I might be painting a radiator before it goes on. Currently it’s white but I’m toying with the idea of painting it anthracite grey.

One thing I hate on modern recipe shows (anything where there’s one person cooking something and talking to camera as they do it) is how amazing and delicious every single thing apparently and how many superlatives they use. Then acting like a child whenever there’s a bit where the food makes a noise… And you’ll know when it’s done when you hear that popping sound… YES! Get. your. ears. around. that. This always takes me back to being a child and my mum would god fuck off


Should probably read about 100 pages tonight
Let’s see eh

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