Wednesday + evening = Wednesday evening

Alright? Had another busy ol’ day, also taught myself how to edit the brewery website though so that’s nice. Not feeling great and nor is Mrs F so we’ve got Chinese on the way, for purely medicinal purposes. Gonna watch shit crime stuff till bedtime probably. What’s on then?


Tired, just turned down a free ticket to Dacus.

Need an early night.

Eating pizza

My mum is visiting, it’s the first time I’ve seen her in 2.5 years and yesterday she met her grandson. Having a very lovely time.


Hey funky :wave:

I hope your takeaway makes you and Mrs F feel better :hugs:

I am just reheating some pasta for dinner then I am going to read some of my book and watch tv. Might have an early night as I am very tired.

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That is lovely! Very pleased for you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh funky your avatar :smiley: I love you!! My biggest supporter!!

Sorry you and Mrs F aren’t feeling good, hope the Chinese helps :heart:

Gonna watch the new series of Russian Doll I think (Natasha Lyonne please marry me!), and sketch out the angry frog I’m gonna paint tomorrow. Got some garlic bread that needs eating but dunno what to have with it. Might just load it with cheese and pesto and veggies.


Having the best holiday, sorry for letting the post count drop down over the last few days, feel very guilty over this xoxo


Drove to the garage, bus from garage to town, walk to work, walk to meeting in town, walk back from meeting in town, eat lunch at 4 clock, walk to town, bus to garage, drive home, open beer.


Now off work for five days :raised_hands: going away to do a bunch of lovely stuff inc. going to the wedding of two close pals along with some lovely cultural stuff and a lot of boozing and fooood. Need to pack tonight so probably gonna get a takeaway, drink a lil’ beer and hopefully get a decent night’s kip. Woo :partying_face:


Thinking Saul, lager beers, and wishing I had a garden.

Evening all!

I did some industrial action on a very poorly attended picket and went to the cash and carry. It’s been a sunny day but the promise of uninterrupted quiet time in my house afterwards was too much to resist. The sun will be back next month.

I’m playing football tonight.

Hiii folks,

Cleaned the bath and the cooker hood and the cooker door thoroughly thanks to @froglet and now I want to clean EVERYTHING but I’ve got to finish work and make dinner and pack and then I can clean :laughing: booooo.


Exhausting day. Might get a pizza or something then get in bed early and watch the football.

Absolutely wiped out. Fuck all sleep last night, long day travelling to see family, the most active I’ve been in years playing with my nephew. To top it off, eldest had the shits so trying to strategically drive home with a kid full of bum wee was draining af.

Gonna make some Pimm’s, have some leftovers that have accrued in the fridge and hope that both kids actually get a decent night’s sleep.

Really need a proper break from it all, having a really tough time mentally.

Just making some potato doighinwaaah

Put some extra gin in there because why not


Cheers lads zzz


can’t be bothered to eat, do you ever get that?


Not once in nearly 38 years.