Wednesday Evening

I’m staying in my flat alone tonight for once, think I might cook a thai curry (?!) or something.
Might try and write a song too.
It’s the hump day though so let’s all be nice and talk about how we appreciate each other.
Or if you want you can go and have a cackle at the Beevening thread.
Also tell me which cake you like the most.

Going to see the hotellier, wasn’t going to bother but then realised it would justify going to nandos. However it is touch and go as to whether my phone battery will last long enough to get me in with my eticket. Best cake was a salted caramel Oreo pie they had at the pub down the road, they only had it once, now I feel like spending my free time attending cake faires in the hopes of finding it again

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just had a disasterous work meeting. ordered myself a nice twin peaks record though (drool). making falafels for tea, having a beer. gonna play some video games.

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Evening ruffers, all good? Currently drinking white wine, flatmate is cooking dinner. We’re having chocolate cake later for my other flatmate’s birthday later so gonna say that. Can’t go wrong with a chocolate cake.


Hey Ruffers et al

I’m cooking dinner. Going to a seminar tomorrow which I’m quite looking forward to, so I’m hoping that 1) I’m less sniffly tomorrow and 2) the seminar delivers on its potential.

Might go and see my bff and her son after that, I haven’t seen him in over a month now since I’ve been away and stuff and I normally see him at least once a week </3

Evening Ruffers

Definitely stick with Thai and song writing plans, sounds very productive!

Off to play footie then eating some haggis and mash later.

Favourite cake: either coffee or carrot

The fire walk with me reissue?? :open_mouth:

yup, went on sale an hour ago my man

hope you enjoy your alone time, ruffers

coffee and walnut cake probably. don’t really make cakes anymore, so unless i go somewhere that caters to coeliacs with a milk allergy or buy some horrible packaged surprise from the free from aisle in morrisons or sainsburys i don’t eat it. i had a microwave chocolate cake from sainsburys at christmas. powdery and horrid.

This was a good cake


You ever listened to the Twin Peaks archive? Some great stuff in der

I helped @Sketches tidy up his basement earlier.


Trail Mix is so good

hi everybody!

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Evenin’ Rufferz. I hope you enjoy your alone time this evening and your curry. You’re a top cat.

Not a huge fan of cake but I do like eating coffee cake as it reminds me of my Nan and I love her loads.

Have to review the new Austra album tonight. Not really feeling it. Some mates are calling over to watch a Herzog documentary later, might join them. Hung out with my housemate all day and that has me in a really good mood as I love her loads too.

been listening to this a lot lately

gets me all gee’d up

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yeah some good stuff, a lot of reversions and that though, would have been cool if they’d edited it into some kind of releasable form


Got a long and dull form to do, got my last few days of first placement this week. Might cry on Friday when I have to leave.

Doing a mock interview tomorrow as well which I should sort myself out for and all I guess.


Just got a whatsapp notification which has absolutely done me at my desk: Dad created group "Appeal hearing"
Spoke with my mum yesterday - she’s absolutely fuming at him.

ffs dad

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