Wednesday evening


Man from Gumtree has just been round to buy my amp. I didn’t realise that the whole time he was testing it his view was this:

Made the sale though. Thanks Jez.


hi epimer, jeremy and etc


I used to have that tv!


Evening all


Hi Epimer, Hello Jez,

I’ve had a bit of a shit and annoying day, spent the majority of the time needlessly panicking and worrying over silly things… uuuggghhh. I realise now I find the voice of Jon Ronson extremely calming, I wish I had the funds to hire him to sit and talk to me about interesting/weird things all day. As the very wise Gwen Stefani once said… if I was a rich girl.

Anyway, tomorrow is another (and hopefully less crap) day. Going home for a pasta pesto bonanza.

P.S. Hiya @cowcow :wave: :slight_smile:


Almost time for masterchef!


Bought some wine to celebrate cos my album is going up on band camp tomorrow!


FUCKING YAAAAASSSS!!! Totally forgot about this.


Shite, isn’t it.


Making pasta and broccoli.


Was pretty cool back in 2006 actually. I imagine it looks pretty pants now.


Hi all, just played football for the first time since January, goosed. Trying to make sure my groin doesn’t play silly buggers as I’m doing more sport on Friday.

Gonna eat some posh soup. Then pack for a trip south of the border to meet some old friends near Warwick.

Gonna throw this out there. I dislike pretty much all cooking shows. I can just about tolerate ones where they are travelling around, learn a bit of culture but ALL others can piss off.


Do you think I should tell my neighbour that their bathroom window isn’t anywhere near as opaque as they think it is?


Nah. It has excellent potential for future DiS threads


Went to a work meeting this afternoon and had a couple of beers after, just got home now. Would have stayed for more beers but 1) am broke and 2) hardly anyone was around. Got some things to do tomorrow as well so I guess it’s for the best even though it is incredibly boring.


Listening to the footie on the radio.
Just eaten my lad’s apple crumble he made at school; it was excellent! His soup from last week was good too. Who knew he could cook so well??


Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows.

It’s worse than the first one, and that was poor.

Drinking Really Good Cider though - made by Side Burns.


PS @Ruffers, any other components or just those two?


gonna knock some cherry toms, basil and extra oil in with it when it’s done, but cooking it all in the same water rn


Would enjoy seeing ruffers telling john torode that meals arent real things