Wednesday evening

How are you? What are your plans for the evening?

Not much planned this evening, I’m drinking a beer and watching the Ajax Lyon game. One of my colleagues told me today that he got up at 3.39am to prepare for an 8.30 meeting, as he does every Wednesday. Fucking bonkers.

Evening ssf, I’m in Liverpool on my own for work and about to demolish halloumi churrasco skewers at las iguanas. They are :ok_hand:. If I make it back to my hotel in time I’ll watch Masterchef. That’s about as good as it’ll get.

I got thinking on the drive up here, why are there no Liverpool dissers?

Off to see Divine Comedy in a bit, currently drinking canz outside the front door in the sun and hanging out with the neighbourhood cat, who came to hang out when she heard me listening to Under The Bushes Under The Stars.


Stuck at work again. If im not home for masterchef (i wont be) i’ll be livid. :rage:

Alright cross between echo & the bunny men and Jesus and the Mary chain :grinning:


Just back from the gym, ran like fuck, pure knackered.
Now for some fajitas

About to do 12 days in a row, 10-12 hour days too.

on the sofa under duvet as living room is cold

watching the aldershot game, was tempted to go with my housemate but given that it’s raining there and they’re a goal down already i think i made the right choice

got some really good ideas down for an attempt at a drum n bass track, really happy with what i’ve got but need to edit and stretch out so probs gonna do that while watching the football :sunglasses:

fuck that shit

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Evening gang,

Going out for a curry for my dad’s birthday. Hopefully some spicy food will sort out the stinking cold that’s been plaguing me over the last couple of days…

I freelance in TV, just the nature of it really. We’re gonna go to scotland and do nothing for a week after this job is over.

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Just making mushroom, chickpea and spinach curry. Smells good. Starving but needs a good simmer.

Probably watch an episode of The West Wing then watch whatever is left of the football.

Fancy a GnT due to the nice weather but got no G


Where bouts in Scotland are you going?

Greetings from Prague!!! :wave:


Just off home from the gym. Might make a cauliflower tortilla eapanola

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Wife has found some cottage in the hebrides with nowt around for miles. Looks pretty ace.

About to have Nandos with the lads. going to see Guardians of the Galaxy after. There’s nothing wrong with this.


How come you get to have 3 drinks and I’ve got none :grinning:

It must be appalling to eat with me when I have fajitas, it’s borderline shameful how I get in amongst them :grinning:

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Went for a completely arbitrary GBK. They have oversized novelty scrabble tiles spelling out Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech’s first line, but they have replaced the word skin with ‘bun’. Seems a bit off