Wednesday evening

I’m just in the door after doing a load of work in town. Having a beer and watching the football before doing some writing later. One of my reviews is causing some hilarious fallout so I’ve been enjoying that.

An old housemate is supposed to call over for a beer as well but I’m going to be way too tired to socialise.

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Pretty much the same with me with pizza.
The caveman escapeth (if cavemen ate pizza)

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Yeah I’m also fairly revolting when it comes to eating pizza as well :grinning::+1:

sorting stuff out, wondering why my chromebook loses it’s printers EVERY DAY

also was aiming to get kids in bed for 8.30, given that they are still doing homework they skived at the weekend it’s looking unlikely.

good on them for escaping weekend homework!!

three days I moaned at them over the weekend, got the ‘done it, not got any etc etc. nonsense’. To be honest I knew they were lying but was being a lazy parent :smiley:


I would find that side of things difficult to enforce as a parent because I was always fucking lazy as a kid (also as an adult tbh)

Finally got my work done just past 8 and put my coat on, and my boss goes ‘hmm maybe we should go over this one more time?’ Should have politely said i had to go but i just went ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!

Just starting m-chef now and eating noodles.

good response eric! what did he say to that?

Was a bit taken aback, then had me explain what i’d done which he already knew. Then i stomped out.


Could not get rid of my mum today when all I wanted was to go to a farm with Jnr and have time alone together to celebrate her birthday. Angry about this stupid obligation I have now I have a baby to see my own mum more when we don’t get on…AT ALL.

Fell off the top of a climbing frame today whilst holding Jnr. I fell on my back so she was fine. Then we went down a HUGE slide and I bashed my knee really hard in a mad panic at how fast we were going.

Was going to paint tonight but only just got chance to eat so not sure I CBA

Had another hour with my psychologist today. It’s proper weird sitting in a room with someone looking at you expectantly just waiting for you to talk. Got another 2 or 3 sessions of this too. hnnnggg.

Have a cracking supper of various Linda McCartney burgers and potato croquettes lined up though. Providing I don’t freak out in the next 15 minutes or so.

It’s quarter past 9 and I have still had no tea.

here’s a classic from the Bam archives for you all

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I just beat the guy who was second in the World at Netrunner this year, on his stream. It was absurdly tense.

I need a lie down.


Hope the croquettes are smashing

Watching footy

*throws knickers*


Leave her alone, she’s got a bruised knee.