Wednesday evening

Also I did it with pure class.


getting bored of trying to get thinner now. Gotta stay the course though, I always do this

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evening team. just saw guardians of the galaxy and thoroughly enjoyed it! gonna grab a book and head to bed soon

which one?

i’m very much behind on several reviews. shit.

not sure if my brother is unbearable or if i just have an extremely deep subconscious desire to be an only child :’)

super petty sibling bickering from both sides tho tbf: his opinion about a Little Mix song I was listening to was SO IMPORTANT that he had to keep ranting about it and unnecessarily chipping in with one last bitch every time i went to go and do something else. I casually called him a cunt because his ‘got to have the last word so I can pretend to be an important alpha male!!!’ schtick is so pathetic and exhausting. he got all hysterical about it. (i guess the people he financially advises don’t call him that? they should.) so i was like “mate. this is stupid. i’m not saying any more.” then i hid in the toilet for ages while he was waiting to get in there and he kept knocking on the door and asking me to get out, while i kept up my vow of silence and just tapped keys really loudly on my laptop so he knew i hadn’t passed out in there or anything. he got really annoyed. hee hee.

the fact it entertained me so much is ultimate proof that i need to move out, isn’t it.

Reviewed the new Talos album for State. It was not good.

Yeah, I’m behind on two. Have to do them this morning.

Got asked to review that one and made my excuses…