Wednesday evening

I am still at work. Just cracked a beer though so it could be worse. Partly staying at work to avoid cleaning my apartment, I think.

What have you got planned for this evening pals?

just back at my flat and it’s the first time I’ve been back since she’s taken all her stuff out, feels so empty. Man it’s pretty heartbreaking, so sad to think she won’t be walking back in after work and that we’ll cook up some dinner and chat about our days :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
Suck it up Lo-Pan, it was the right thing to do


Meant to be doing an online module in advance of a project management course tomorrow , but my monthly beer selection box from flavourly has just arrived…

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Oh mate, such a shitter. Chin up though bro, like you said it was the right thing to do.

At the risk of sounding very flippant, it won’t be long before the next one moves in :wink:


Started The Keepers on Netflix last night so gonna bang on a few episodes of that tonight. Don’t know how much paedo priests I can take though.

The Pixies on loud and drinking left over stale white wine at work as I plow through my email backlog.

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Cheers man

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planning for an interview tomorrow whilst completing another job application just in case.

just had poached egg with asparagus for tea so looking forward to me next wee.


chin up LP, try and keep yrself busy too as moping is the worst! x

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Update on my landlord fun for anyone who saw it in the daily thread. Most recent email on the engineer who was trying to fix the machine:

“It was a single call out charge, but what with the part they put in and VAT, it was just under £100, which hurts a good Yorkshire lass, especially as it was a waste of time & money.”

Yeah, I’m really sorry you didn’t check the appliances worked before you rented us the house.

Looking at flats in Leeds online. Anyone know of any good sites? Most places seem to be offering student places.

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Cheers paisan

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I’ve since left the flat and gone for a beer :beer:


Also, here’s a video of my ma’s new 6 month old Jack Russell pupper being very suspicious of a Dyson:




Getting new contact lenses fitted as we speak. Then getting a burrito.

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What about bad, money-grubbing, Tory landlady Yorkshire lasses?


I seem to have regressed to some sub-childhood state of eating cheerios for at least 2 meals a day.

I saw Kevin Eldon in Clissold Park earlier.

going to finish watching HyperNormalisation later.

The TV is trying to defend the landlord’s interactions. I just want to have a good rant with her about landlords and she’s being all reasonable.


We just used rightmove when looking a few months back.