Wednesday evening

On ya go…

In the pub for a friend’s leaving do. Waiting because I fancied an early solo pint before the main shindig begins. Roasting my tits off in the process, but beer helps.

Have a good evening all. Glad I am in the grim north west and not in that there London right now.

From the day thread:

I’ve created a monster.


Soooo I’m folding clothes in my bedroom. The most exciting news I have is I flashed my sweaty knickers at a poor passerby earlier when I dropped my keys, bent over to pick them up and misjudged the length of my dress. OH WELL, I’m sure they’ll live.

Photies the noo s’il vous please.

Bonsoir Witches et al,
Just finished a bit of golf, but it’s too fucking close and I wanna sit in a ice cold bath all night.
Probably won’t do that and just make some food instead, maybe I’ll find a fan from someplace

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Just watching a bit of limmy, found this video on YouTube

Need iron some shirts, then probably read, managed to stay of booze thus far.

a bit flat and i took the caramel too far but idgaf. i can make them better next time :grin:


Noodle salad for tea then might take an ice bath. Might take my switch in the bath with me.

New neighbours started a fire??? in the garden cos obv everyone has all the doors and windows open and they wanted to smoke us up #bunchoftwats

Just seen the tiniest, cutest squirrel :sob:

I meant to post this in the evening thread.

Any recommendations?

You can never take caramel too far. It looks sensational. Come over, bring it, lock the doors! We’re not leaving until it’s finished…after which we will make another and consume that… and so on and so on until we’re no longer human but instead some kind of caramel brownie human hybrid. All will fear us whilst simultaneously find us irresistible.


My wife met Corbz today :heart_eyes: Waiting for state opening to finish so we can eat salmon and ice cream (separate courses).


Made burritos for tea. So, so, so nice. Reckon I could eat another if I had the stuff.

Gonna make my lunch for tomorrow and then have a rum and coke and some mini eggs and laze around until I can go to bed.

Watching Mexico v New Zealand. Highlight so far is the camera picking up the Mexican coach outing the Kiwi coach as a ‘motherfucker’.

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Made some super duper oily and spicy mapo tofu for me tea

Been doing a job application today, currently (re)watching series 4 of the Thick of It. Want a pint but I’m sick of drinking in the pub by myself :neutral_face:


Evening all!

Getting my pedalboard ready for a gig later. I’m one of two bass players in a seventeen piece band. I’m going to be sweating my bollocks off while playing so I might just wear swim shorts and the thinnest t-shirt I have while playing.

Having two beers and watching the football first though!


That looks well good!

Bring a book to the pub!