Wednesday Evening


Hi! Probably a bit late now but how’s it going anyway?

I’m watching celebrity Masterchef. I love Jim. I love him!! I want to keep him in a giant bird cage in the living room only letting him out to go wander round random museums with me.

Don’t tell anyone but I almost thought this was the Monday evening thread. No concept of time whatsoever :scream:


I honestly had no idea Jim was his real name, just thought it was Vic reeves


Just about to get to York, so tired, go to change at Leeds as well then meeting my to parents in the pub for a lift ‘home’


Eating prawn crackers and drinking cider whilst watching the Liverpool game. And writing questions for the new AQOS!


Drinking a few Stellas while watching the Liverpool game. Will try and finish a review after this. Probably listen to this utterly gorgeous gem a few times.


Watching Liverpool with a wispa duo and some tea.

Said I’d take kids to the cinema tomorrow…captain underpants or wimpy kid do we think?


^ _ ^ isn’t it just the best


Think yer boi @incandenza was extolling the virtues of this burner the other day in the proper music for proper musicheads thread :smiley:


It is beautiful. Heard it for the first time today and then had to play it to all my housemates. Those voices! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Just having a really weird night feeling completely useless and completely unable to make any decisions too. I am watching masterchef too, it’s not helping. Bit sick feeling actually but figure it’s anxiety.


A man of refined taste!


Argh you got here first :smiley:


wish there was a more sympathetic looking hug emoji.



Just watching House of Cards until it’s time to go to sleep.



Is it OK if Robert Fripp is my favourite bit of this song?

What a song!


I’m so happy we’re all sharing in this :blush:


that’s like a little treat in the middle.


Listening to Qutting Time right now, damn those harmonies!


ikr?? can’t believe I never heard of these guys until recently.


Evening Witches et al.

I massively failed at that job interview today, despite them basically telling me the answers :frowning: i just clammed up and couldn’t connect my brain to my mouth :disappointed_relieved: I don’t think I’m very well suited to the job anyway so hopefully something a bit better will come up soon.

Now i’m stuffed full of pizza and apple crumble and watching masterchef wiv ma bambeano so it’s all ok :slight_smile: