Wednesday Evening


How’s it going??

Tell me, can you change off peak return train tickets to a different date at the train station? I’ve been on fucking hold for half an hour and I’m about ready to throw my phone at the wall.

Hope you’re all good :slight_smile:


Alright witches.

No idea about the answer to your question, sozza.

Journeyed 35 miles for sushi and ramen. Cannot fucking wait.


I’m having sushi for a second night in a row because I love throwing money away :roll_eyes: and also, I need it.


Fuck it, I’ve hung up.


I think you should be able to… but maybe depends on the operator.

Pie and peas then Pub quiz and pints. Then probably sleep.


Ha ha.


Probably had the most stressful day at work I’ve ever had


Having a beer with ruffers


bring your own glass m8?


say hi


Hi witches!


Hi everybody else!


Evening witches etc. I’m sat in a Wahaca on my own like a saddo, tempted to talk to the person next to me who’s also on their own but might just talk to you lot instead.


What happened?


I’m at work until 8:30, I think we’ve got a chilli con carne for dinner when I get in. I’m desperately trying not to fall asleep at my desk.


What are you ordering?


Have a chili cola for me.


I bought a strong cider and some pringles. Romantic night in for one <3



Got it!

He shook his hair in a cute way and pouted.


Knackered. Going to St Albans to see my mate’s band later.