Wednesday Evening

Alright folks?

What are you up to? I’m planning my New York trip (have I mentioned that I’m going travelling?) Do we reckon that $500 is too much to go to see Hamilton on Broadway?

What are you eating? I had a peanut butter crunch Haagen Daas magnum esq ice cream which was nice.

depends, are you a millionaire?!


But I have told myself that I’m going to do what I want on this trip regardless of cost


You’ll only do it once - if you can afford it, do it.

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Yeah it’s too much, isn’t it


Fuck it, just go then.
Fucking love new york.

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I’m going to see Hamilton in London on Friday. I’ll let you know if it’s worth blowing $500 on.

Fundamentally, though, if you want to see it in New York, and you can afford it, then why not eh?


not really sure what if anything I would spend $500 dollars on



I’ve been in charge of a (sleeping) baby for the past 2hrs, whilst the TV goes swimming. She’s been good as gold. Bumped into an NCT dad too.

My current view. Might pub for a drink. Dunno what’s for tea though


Had a dog of a day. I feel completely drained.

Still, Mrs W is currently cooking up a melanzane alla parmigiana. Excited.

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No, not if you can afford it. When we went in 2015, we’d received some compensation from BA and a load of wedding donations that allowed us to do things we might not have done.

Stuff in NYC is expensive but you’ll probably balance it out by living much less expensively in SE Asia.

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You could literally buy a hundred ice creams from an ice cream stand with that money. Two scoops.

Found cheaper ones already which now has me thinking I’ve found a bargain :roll_eyes:


I would splash $500 on something I loved that much. I say do it!

I’m listening to Quasimoto, drinking cider and relaxing at home. Just told our landlord I was moving out and he was incredibly sound about it, even said I was a great tenant. Going to miss having him as a landlord.


Cracking evening’s entertainment there.

You can go and see Hamilton in South Lanarkshire for virtually nothing.


Did that last night :grinning:

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Hi folks,

I am tired and cranky because I missed nap time and am teething (wisdom teeth making a push).

Seeing my granddad today went better than I expected, he was speaking again which he wasn’t last time I saw him, so that was nice. I didn’t cry and I gave him a hug before I left, which I think he appreciated.

Going to have some toast and make a packing list for my imminent holiday (did I mention I am going on holiday? I am going on holiday).


Where’s your holiday?

Just had tapas with my colleagues. Decent.