Wednesday Evening

my train is on a 5mph speed limit, and staring at my phone following the raffle thread all day has left me needing constant input. please tell me about your tea and day and plans.

Really hungry and the Ocado person isn’t here yet.

Why is life so hard?

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I feel very rough. This cold has floored me. Sent my IBS into overdrive too so that’s fun.

Pizza for dinner as can’t be arsed to cook.

NGL, feel pretty drained from constantly looking at my phone this afternoon. Gonna cook some Sean bass and sauce and go to bed I think.

Sainsbury’s guy arrived 1 minute before the end of the slot, and moaned that he’d been driving around for half an hour trying to find us.

Also, look at the state of these two chicken breasts. Guess we’ll have stir fry then.


Liked his early albums


he’s my favourite in Lord of the Rings

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Great minds…


Offered below the asking price for a flat (rented) I saw in Newcastle at the weekend, landlord has provisionally agreed to it :+1:


Oh i thought you were just getting a flat in Edinburgh. Congrats.

Evening all. Had to give the second of two presentations to a bunch of managers (including the chief exec and strategic director). Thought it went well but have had bugger-all feedback.

Feeling tired and slightly defeated. Chips for dinner so it’s not all bad.

No - basically (long, boring story short) I’m relocating my current job - fixed-term contract turned into a permanent one with a promotion, didn’t really want to quit, didn’t want to stay in London, girlfriend didn’t really want me moving back without a job, this all felt like a happy medium.


I had gnocchi Bolognese type thing with spinach that was very nice.

Standard evening protocol upcoming (chai, electric blanket, Taskmaster in bed)

I’m at work until 9, and as I’m now the youngest person in the office (we’re all pretty old), I’ve been tasked with putting up the Christmas decorations.

Better than working I suppose.

:disappointed_relieved::sob: my train was supposed to get into manc at 6:25 and we’re only 3 miles from my house.

Oh yeah. Turns out I really fancy Olaf the snowman from Frozen.


were you on a train or on the roads? might genuinely sack it off and go home.

Good chance I’m going to fall and break my neck and not be found until 9am tomorrow.

Just had left over cuzza. Having a nice cup of tea.

Going to do the washing up then read until the apprentice, and de-excite myself from the raffle

Sooooo tired, I think jet lag hits me every night about 7pm. Can jet lag last 5 days? Catching up on Masterchef and doing interview prep, them watching the football later.