Wednesday Evening 🤷‍♀️


I’m still on a bloody train. Think for some baffling reason I’m going to go to Nando’s when I get off.

What’s for dinner tonight folks? Doing anything fun? Tell us about it, don’t lurk :slightly_smiling_face:


just sulking about having to have foxes killed and will be for the foreseeable future I think

Got a supermarche order coming between half 6 and 7.30 with laSAGna ingredients and nDuuuuuuja

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Are you putting the nduja in the lasagne? :exploding_head:

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I might go to a drive through.

I’m at work until 9, manning the phone and trying to get some work done.

But I’m also looking into booking a break in September. We’re planning on going to Monkey World, and stay in Swanage. I’m not sure if three nights will be too long, or stop of somewhere else on the way back. Perhaps Winchester.

hate waiting for the doorbell to ring when I know someone is coming over.

  • hate this too
  • what?

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In full on neighbourhood watch mode. Some guys just came and pulled the stakes out of the bench that were holding it to the grass. Then drove off. No doubt they’ll be back tonight to pinch it. A few neighbours attempting to lock it to a tree now. Who the fuck is buying black market benches? Sure this ain’t worth the hassle of stealing.

I am probably going to stay up all night on bench watch because I am 75 years old.


more of a really obnoxiously loud buzzer in my flat, but the point stands.

hello leafy. I had a nandos craving the other day, it was okay. hope it is a better experience for you. for us - some sort of potatoes + peas + cheese and onion pastry bake thing, doing a bit of a clear out. not sure whether to go baked beans, or gravy (for bonus yorkshires).


baked beans on yorkshires works.


Probably worth more as scrap metal.

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half chicken surely.

is… is this allowed?


Cheese n peas n pastry n gravy n Yorkshires! @Tuna you are living the DREAM.


half chicken, corn on the cob and mash.

Postman came to the door earlier and the dog in my house was barking and he was like “it’s ok I’m friendly” and then he was like “what’s his name” and I said “Maisey” but then realised he meant what’s YOUR name so said “oh shyguy2013” and then watched as he deleted Maisey from this little scanner device.


Funnily enough I am going mostly because I want halloumi