Wednesday, evening.

Hi! 6 day work week is over :partying_face: Tired out tbh lads. Making a sausagey poutine for tea and gonna drink some Devon Reds. What the fuck are you up to?


evening funkman, gonna have a few beers etc and listen to some music

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Save it for Thursday

Hey Funky! A six day work week sounds intense!
I just had these Ottolenghi kebabs for dinner and they were great: Smashed carrots and chicken koftas: Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes for sharing | Food | The Guardian
I’m still working :sleepy: but will finish soon and watch some telly. No other plans for tonight.


Dunno what I feel like doing

  • electric wizards
  • Electric Wizard
  • near-future dystopia
  • visual novel
  • actual novel

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My own fault tbh, swapped my days off so I can have friday off.

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What you gonna listen to?

just finished listening to this years model (such a good record) in light of the elvis costello thread. have now just out on some perfume genius :+1:


2 very good choices my friend.

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going to sit on the sofa for a bit. beyond that, who can say?

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gonna finish s3 the bridge and drink Chai


Hollyoaks is utterly bizarre at the minute

My Friday. Getting in the mood for the pub


Stressful day. Got a phone call at work from the TV who had midwife appointment today so obviously anxiety started to rise. Then she told me that the bairn is going in on Monday to get his tonsils out. Help ma boab, ahm no’ ready. Then had a stramash trying to get my work to agree to a few days off so that I could take him to hospital and then help the TV out during his two week recovery period. Eventually got some sort of wooly assurances. I’m not going to lie, I was near greetin at points just due to the lack of compassion on show from my bosses - being worried about the whole procedure and it being so sudden and all the general worry around just now with the pandemic and Mr. Clown not being crowned king loser quite yet all played a part too.

But a big tasty Indian and relaxing on a cosy couch has me feeling a lot better.


Mac cheese for tea after a long old day and terrible traffic, hopefully lockdown will sort that out…

Also got told off for singing too loudly when I got home :person_shrugging:

Going to make a SPaG quiz based on song lyrics I think.

Just ordered some sourdough pizzas from Franco Manca

1x British mozzarella, organic tomatoes, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire fennel sausage, 3 chilli mix
1x British mozzarella, organic tomatoes, cured chorizo (natural and Iberico)
1x bottle of chilli oil

Absolutely starving. Then gonna stick on Goldfinger and maybe read more? Not bad


Knackered. No idea how I’m going to juggle this and 39hrs pw at work. Lasagne and chips for tea. Kiddo is off to nursery tomorrow, so may take myself out for a walk

Quite like making me and Mrs F two different dinners cause I get to whirl around the kitchen hysterically and pretend I’m a chef.