Wednesday Evening!!!


Funny old day here with panic attacks, cancelled hospital appointments and general lowness have lead to a day of not doing much. Making a spicy pork nacho thing for dinner though so there’s that.

Also, to cheer Mrs F up we decided to swap one christmas present early and it turns out I now own these excellent trousers

What about you, friends?



Just popped a cauliflower cheese n chorizo pasta bake thing in the oven. Eaten so much cheese today :grimacing:

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It’s cheese-eating weather.


good evening funky! good evening niki!

good evening… unlucky?

rubbish day at the busifac

pizza in teh oven (prehet, naturellement)

Had a big bit of fudge about 4ish. Some freezer defrosted bullshit for tea.

Gonna go for a rain walk then watch NFL.

it’s icelandic pizza :yum:

Dinner of champions (juvenile champions) - sausage, chips and beans.

Mrs W is doing some online training this evening, so I’m going to get a movie on and maybe crack open a beer.


Stick an egg in there too, you deserve it.

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Advent calendar’s would be better with fudge instead of chocolate

  • Yes, fudge me up
  • No, what the fudge

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Too late.

Might have to have the egg as pudding.


it’s always cheese eating weather


Gonna have battered jumbo sausage and chips for dinner tonight. And a gin and tonic.


Might get a McDonald’s in. And then an evening of films. Not much else to add.

been asked to go to court as a witness where I would be going against the account of a police, was hoping they would just drop the charge. wondering if there any risk here, will they try and dig up dirt and really interrogate me or am I being paranoid

  • yeah they will do that but you should do it anyway
  • probably fine

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Just get a fudge advent calendar.

Are they Trooserdons?

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*I cannot vouch for the existence of this.

been getting a hot ear lately. what’s that about?

Are you wearing a lop-sided hat?

didnt realise Joel in hollyoaks is the same character as Joel in hollyoaks before