Wednesday! Evening!

Alright? Just finished a 6 day week and I’m tired as all fuck. Got Chinese on the way and a big can of Cobra on the go though so that’s ok. What about you though eh?


So pleased today’s work day is over. Everyone is tired so it’s toast for tea. Perhaps with cheese, maybe with egg or spag hoops.

Then the big match isn’t it.

Is this your Friday then?


It’s my Saturday technically but just for this week it’s ny Friday because on actual Friday (normally my Monday but this week my Sunday) I’m taking my wife to have her 2nd dose of microchip.


Made a pretty shit stew to use up veg. And i couldn’t be arsed chopping the veg into small pieces so its a pain to eat

Turning some bread i fucked up into a coffee, chocolate and almond bread and butter pudding thing

Yes please.

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Happy weekend to you then. :star_struck:

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What film should I watch tonight? I have Netflix, Mubi and Disney+.

Please only serious answers. Please.

what a fucking week it’s been so far. :grimacing: :weary:
would really love to open some wine/beer but need to get up super sharp tomorrow to try and get on top of everything.
just think how good that beer will taste tomorrow night.




Evening all!

Spent my day looking at people doing exams. Most of them showed up.

Wor Lass made chana daal and onion bahjis for tea.

I’m off to football in a bit.

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Please only serious answers. Please.


Ok, Nomadland?

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Best In Show.

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Good everning and happy weekend @Funkhouser

Had emergency pizzas for tea.

Then the ice cream van came round. She had no Biscoff, so ended up having this instead.

Yes, I am nearly 31 years old.

Might have a rum and coke later on.


Hit level 100 on my Battle Pass in Fortnite with a 12 elimination victory with Dr Mrs Epimer, so I guess I’ll just lie down on the ground until the next season comes out

Cheese on toast and a pear consumed.

Sofa time.

What is that?


Work was a bit rubbish today, so had a bath and did a face mask and feel a little more relaxed now.

Should do some uni reading tonight, probably just going to watch Netflix/Prime instead though being realistic.

Veg hash for dinner, triple duntin the hot sauce :grinning: