Wednesday? Evening

I’m off my tits on valium in a walk-in vaccination centre queue, ask me anything


what’s valium?

Happy brain sweets



My partner just got the job she’s been going for, which has had an incredibly stressful and lengthy process, so currently feeling extremely relieved here in the Hardworking household!

She’s been messed around for so long and she deserves it so much, so it’s a real vindication :dog:


how are you, eps?

i went and picked up a baby bath earlier. now i’m waiting for plasticmike to make pizza. after i’ve eaten it I’m just going to laze around because i am v tired


I had a very nice salmon and broccoli thing for dinner which was delicious. My other half is off out any second so I’ll be doing Jimbo’s bedtime on my own tonight. He’s been pretty tired the past few nights so fingers crossed it’ll be an easy one. And then, later :man_shrugging:t3:

I’ll be better when I’m back in my fortress of solitude, thank you for asking.

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Evening all!

I’ve got to leave for football in 45m and I am tired. This happens every week and it’s normally OK but I need more rest. Maybe I need some time off being off work for a bit.

I hope your vaccine goes well @Epimer!

Thank you. It’s 50/50 on whether or not I run away screaming at this point.

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Evening, officer.


Absolutely tired out. How is it only Wednesday? Just had pesto pasta for tea now gonna drink some Irn Bru and listen to some podcasts until bedtime.

What’s your podcast(s) of choice?

You didn’t ask me but I’ve started listening to the one about the chippendales

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The furniture?

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Pasta salad for tea. Yummy yummy.

Please read the above sentence in The Wiggles’ voice

Hi. I had saag paneer (halloumi) for tea. I’m trying to eat smaller portion so I can see myself eating loads of crisps or something later.

I am now in queue number three

What’s it about?