Wednesday? Evening

Total edgelord (and worse, professional landlord) on my my tour earlier. He was such a bellend.

They actually are named after Chippendale’s furniture!

Spoilers ffs


Dunno, spend most of my time googling the videos hubba hubba

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Evening all :wave:

Working week has been shite so far but at least it’s going quickly. It’s pie and wedges night tonight too.

There’s only two doses of AZ left. There’s about 100 people still queuing.

Evening @epimer & etc

Are you still off your tits or is it wearing off?

I’ve been absolutely tearing my hair out in the studio today. How complicated can it be to get everything communicatibg properly in perfect time? No sooner do I fix one thing, then another thing goes out of whack


Anyway, I’ve come across the road to get a beer and a burger

Don’t really like sitting by a busy street when I’m eating but it’s been 30.C today and there’s no way I’m sitting inside

Hope the burger is good, I usually have the plankstek when I come here

Edit: just as I posted the burger arrived


Everything is fiiiiiiiiine



Any particular reason why you got dosed up? You don’t have to answer of course but you did say ‘ask me anything’

You wanna just make messier music m9. Perhaps the solution lies in making everything even more out of time?

(Apologies for this sub-oblique-strategies crap)

Oblique Strategies you say?

Hey up.

So tired. Climbed the climbing wall today and did archery, obstacle course and orienteering. Didn’t do the stinky cave tunnel though

Then it was potato salad, lindaMc sausage and broccoli for tea.

Bit of garden football and I am now officially done.


Wasn’t planning on it but I was starting to panic in the queue - lots of people, social distancing out the window, same entrance as the people going to the gym and the cinema, sketchy mask usage. I’ve got a ton of the stuff lying around (legally) so thought I’d make the two hour wait a bit more bearable.

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Fair enough, these are all good reasons

The right tool for the job

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On second thoughts, SPACE ECHO on everything

Really want a burger now


There’s no problem with that, it’s analogue, you can do it all by ear, it’s the digital stuff that’s a pain

It’s gone already. It was REALLY good - apart from the bread which wasn’t toasted enough so fell apart