Wednesday... Evening?

Bet someone posts another while I’m typing this

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Phew they didn’t!

Hmu with your doings.

I’ll shortly be drizzling some house salad with house dressing as a petit peut snack.

Should do my daily plank but grimace face.

Probably have forgotten to pack loads of my stuff but oh well. Back to the u s of K tomorrow.

I am feeling quite run down and would like to have a bath but I don’t think the bath is particularly clean and I cba to clean it today. Dunno, maybe I’ll blast it with my new steam cleaner after dinner (I’m just finding excuses to steam clean things now)

Fnc for dinner

Haven’t eaten yet today. Not sure what to have.

Will be watching Celtic v Rangers in a bit.

Just had a last-minute super-speed drink with a pal directly after work before getting my train. Incredible novelty of suddenly working somewhere where things and people I know both are.

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Mrs teaching ballet (on zoom) having now gotten shot of the covids.

i’m therefore in the rusty bucket with a saus roll and a pint, doing some freelancey work

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Bad bad bad bad bad day


would kill for your company in the Bucket right now. I’m on a pint called Petals i think. it’s lovely as heck.


I’m drunk!

gonna wander the wastelands outside with a can

the busty rucket

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Trying to get the motivation to do half an hour of study. Watching the news instead… :woman_shrugging:t3:

Read this as oftwat and was confused for a second because I don’t get joke articles recommended to me, imagine that, oftwat


Cheers bbz


The pizza express light dressing is… Tangy

Had a jollof rice haloumi dinner

Might watch that guy off the office being a Scouse programme. Might just fall asleep.


Weird day

I’m baked and full of beige food. Watching The Tinder Swindler on Netflix. It’s :scream_cat:

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Did a bit of studying. My mum has been painting all day and my cat got a bit of paint on the end of her tail and for now we are calling her White-tail as though she is a red Indian hehe

Gave the bath a quick clean so I am going to have a bath after dinner :bath:

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