Wednesday Evening

Well, they were great. Definitely catch them if you can. Emma’s voice is beautiful, and Jon is very funny. And their bassist looks completely out of place (but was note perfect). New EP on Friday, with a 7" coming in November I heard

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Jesus mates I’ve had the worst couple of days.

My bedroom ceiling nearly fell in and my cat was poorly again and then I sort of nearly shagged my neighbour but then didn’t and then I got a violent stomach flu and urgh. Anyway, moving on

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Jesus, that’s eventful. Are you, the cat and the ceiling feeling better?

Went out with a friend and had a really nice night where we had four pints each in some local pubs.


Lovely time at Summer Camp’s last show.

Venue was cool but I never want to go to a weeknight gig in Hackney again (only just got on the train to Kent, pure knackered)

Walked 16k steps today so tomorrow’s gonna be a lolling around at home day

Didn’t realise train strike on 1st October so can’t do anything next weekend. Really, really fed up of fucking train strikes.

Yes thank you! I am fine, cat is wonderful, ceiling… less so

Still! Could be worse I say!


Went for a nap earlier and fell asleep with my hand bent under my face in a weird way and now my hand is sore

Is there fuss about midsommar murders??

HB Funko! :balloon:


Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and that, had a stunning evening of Chinese, cake, cider and playing a lot of classic bangers to each other. Bedtime now :heart:


Many happy returns

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