Wednesday evening

I’ve got a headache and feel gross

Hi froglet.

I’m absolutely exhausted. Could barely sleep last night with sheer dread about today and it was as horrible as expected. Going to make my tea then probably fall asleep on the couch.

How is it only Wednesday?

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In bath

Could have rushed to a pub quiz but was never gonna make in

Poke bowl (or Thai, hmm), beer; Succession I think

Properly slow on here today guys. I was relying on you for some key content to make the time pass quick.

M&S microwave Chinese meal for dinner. Daughter is doing ok. Best rest in a week for her. Looking forward to being home tomorrow night


Here’s Roxy


Mercury’s in retrograde until sunday so expect everyone/thing to be exhausting until then.

Eating a brioche roll with peanut butter and jam.

What are you actually meant to do with them?

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Dunk em in really thick rich hot chocolate


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I’m in a hotel in Not Birmingham. That’s about it.


I’ve been to yoga and I’m done with work for the week :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:

Had a chicken gyros wrap for tea, watching the last Mafs . Need a shower

Should have got the extra scoop of sushi though



stepped on a snail putting the bins out FFS I hate being a human :frowning:

  • Have a doughnut
  • Save it for breakfast pudding

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Evening, failed to get out to pick up things I need thanks to loading Stellaris back up straight after work… So a morning trip before work is now required.

Time to watch race across the world and also try and plan Fridays bus journey epic to make it to BCNR and back again on the Saturday

Saw a poster for a David Walliams book stage show and the quote on the poster about it being good was from David Walliams

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was planning on having two (2) chicken fillet burgers, but I’ve only got one bun. have loads of wraps though, so should I cut a fillet into pieces and serve it with guacamole and salad or just stick the other fillet between two slices of regular bread?

you have 10 minutes.

  • wrap
  • bread

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good voting - the wrap was superior.

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