Wednesday Evening

Evening all!

I’m really tired.


Had Tom kerridges chorizo and broccoli pasta for tea

He didn’t mind



Cleaned the car…

Now listening to some crate diggers playlist, packing the car ready for a couple of nights camping and debating about dinner


Again I’m absolutely exhausted, and I’ve a huge stye. I’ve been going to bed at 9 for the last three days. Will do the same tonight I think. Just had a dizzy spell too.

Homemade burgers and air fryer chips for dinner though.

Another busy day. Had kievs and garlicy potatoes for tea. Fancied watching Jerry Stiller shout a bit and we’ve not long seen Seinfeld so I’ve got King Of Queens on, pray for me.

Binning an old telly so set up an “outsidehouse” for the kids. The weather is banging. Never change.


I washed mine at the weekend and there’s already two bits of bird poo on it. Shouldn’t have bothered

Best chips yet.


Finishing off Ted Lasso

V has friends round but they have all gone off for a bike ride so hopefully will go to sleep at a reasonable time :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Had excellent walk today where Billy went in the canal multiple times. He stinks :laughing:

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Pizza express for dinner, as a pre birthday treat for Jimbo. Need to get his presents all wrapped now, but I’m cream crackered


At a festival in a disused office building, just saw two very fun bands I’d never heard of before, Porridge Radio on to headline later

Fried chicken waffle cone for dinner


Going to see the Beths! One of the most enjoyable activities, I’m sure you’ll agree


Evening all.

Watching Location x 3. Bangor (NI) looks nice

Watching The Lincoln Lawyer. Good film imho

Just goin home.

Went to the cinema
Ate some nik naks

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What see

Master Gardener. Pretty bab but ‘free’

I put The Child to bed and I’ve just finished marking my 10th paper of the day (20/160 complete, progress fans).

Wor Lass is trying to crochet mermaid tale hairclips for The Child’s birthday party and I think I’m going to have a small nightcap.

Might see Broker for free on Sunday