Wednesday evening

It’s evening now
We’re going to have roast beef for dinner


Dr Mrs Epimer has declared that she doesn’t want the jam roly poly pudding in the fridge, so for the sake of avoiding food waste I am now forced - FORCED - to eat the whole thing myself. With some custard.


tennis night!

:ping_pong: :basketball:

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Listening to a ML playlist while I wash up - think I’ve ruined my Eaziglide pan booo

Baked potato, CSI, Poker Face, cocktail is the order of the night ahead

Also replying to everyone I’ve ignored over the week so far ahah heheh


We’re all in a bad mood here. So that’s good. Had an argument about wanting to chop some veggies for dinner before putting the kids in the bath. Apparently 2 people can’t do a job each in the kitchen. Excellent.

Made chicken burgers for my tea, in rolls with fake cheese & hash browns, with air fryer new potatoes and beans, and a tuna & egg salad for Mrs F’s tea. Gonna watch TV and sit around for a bit. 24 cans of Irn Bru arrived today so I’ll probably drink one or two of those also.


Making pasta, fennel and courgette rigatoni



Cheeky mid-week takeaway and watching anime with Mr Fran.

Need to start packing soon for End of the Road tomorrow. It’ll be my first time going - not looking forward to the 250 mile drive, but I’m confident it will be worth it!


Evening all!

My work day wasn’t too bad at all but it went on far longer than it should have done.

I had planned to make a quorn/ sweet potato cottage pie today without looking at the weather forecast so tea was a bit unseasonable but still nice.

For some reason I’ve volunteered myself to do bedtime again so I’ll do that followed by a film, probably.

Collective noun for penguins changes depending on where they are. In water theyre a raft and on land they’re a waddle. Pricks.


Collective nouns are made up bollocks though. They’re birds, flock is fine


I bought the rigatoni whilst on holiday so is not fancy fao anyone cross referencing my posts with the Lidl thread

All words are made up tbf

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I loved the asian side, felt more futuristic somehow

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Also the little boat ride over is always fun.

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You know, I’ve made some terrible, greed-motivated decisions in my life.

This wasn’t one of them. Delighted.


Tired after a fun day out so we got a local Indian

Paneer korma and a garlic naan for me

Was alright but I wanted chippy and got overruled :woman_shrugging:


Posted this in the wrong thread.