Wednesday evening

Evening now, post in here

Evening all!

Very frustrating day of unexpected childcare but at least I spent the day doing valuable work as an octopus passing as a human.

I’m going to be watching an excruciating England game after helping The Child tidy her room.

Might be an incredible night to be half Dutch, half Scottish


Evening all :wave:

Logged off early-ish. Made a nice shakshuka for dinner, sorted the lunches for tomorrow, took the girls to Guides and am now just sitting around before picking them up in an hour. Will watch 75+ minutes of the football, might have a Salcombe Brewery™ beer.

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Ate too much lasagne and now I want to die.

Came home from work, beat a boss on elden ring, watched some nonsense, now M is home and once I’ve got her to bed I’ll be doing a bit of an online course I’ve just signed up to (maybe) and getting my motherflippin’ affairs in order.

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Had steak + veg for tea.

Got beer + scratchings to watch the football with shortly.

Currently entertaining the dog until kick off.

Went to Troon to lift my spirits. God, I love the sea.


Is this about football or are you bursting with national pride for some other reason?

Having deep fried waffles for dinner



Back home after our Rio flight was cancelled. Trying again tomorrow.

Using ai to write songs about Fig


Bairns have both struggled all day with illness so mostly a hotel room day. Also, got well stung at the pharmacia - bloody hell.

Hoping they both feel better tomorrow and we can get back to more traditional holidaying.

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It’s no “wicked of eye and fiendish of paw / it’s mighty, magnificent Scarface Claw”

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Fantastic setting, fantastic pizza.


I was so anxious about accidentally wrecking my phone, I forgot to post about the book club I went to last night! I quite enjoyed it: I realised a book club isn’t quite the shy indie person event as the album clubs I go to (occasionally, I got flashbacks to English Lit seminars at uni and those types who clearly think a lot of how witty they are) but it’s nice that my “first event nerves” isn’t actually quite as intense as it used to be! Looking forward to next month’s - they’re talking about Prophet Song, which I reckon is a book I can definitely string some words together about.


Hyped for the Friday selfie thread because my haircut looks cute

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quite badly bitten up today