Wednesday, eveningtime.

Alright? Pretty tired tbh. Just eaten some pasta with chilli pesto & cream and garlic bread. Had a Cornetto for pudding then remembered there’s loads of birthday cake left so will be attacking that at some point. Gonna watch Gilmore Girls til bedtime I reckon.


Supposed to be drilling the wall to put up some stuff but it’s absolutely the last thing I wanna do.

Just started a 12hr overnighter. I have been awake since 5am. This is not going to be pretty. On the plus side, going on a long walk with a pal tomorrow

My work has just announced a conference for the whole company (including flying people in from around the world) at the end of October. Absolutely fucking bananas, no way I’m going to go to that.

Evening all :wave:

Just on the train home. Day was pretty good - was nice to see a bunch of my team who I’ve not seen since March last year. Cycled up to :fireworks: CAMBRIDGE NORTH :fireworks: on the way home and it was all sunny.

Gonna have what until recently I thought was a “Brian Harvey Special” for dinner. Truth is, it’s simply “jacket potato with fillings”.


Hello all :wave:

Going to heat up some spaghetti in a moment and watch bake off again with the boyfriend as he has not seen it.

Apart from that I’m going to work on my horror film list for October :vampire: Need another 15 or so films!


At a very rare work drinks as someone important is here. Chat is spectacularly stilted.

Few hours ago folks :heart:


Feels quite autumnal today. Might have the last weissbier of the year to mourn the end of summer.

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I think I’ve subconsciously stolen your :wave: emoji for my daytime/evening posts. Count it as a weird compliment maybe? :blush:

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Lovely coordination there. What a handsome couple x


just eating a pack of crisps in coop car park and some people parked up next to me arguing. the driver says he doesn’t need to lock his doors cause “who’s going to hot wire it?”

not sure i get the logic and i think he’s being needlessly stubborn. i should go for a rummage.


Couple of beers before the football.

Gonna have a chicken tikka wrap from the curry van outside the ground for tea and then enjoy/endure the game.

hm they’re back and i guess he was right.

Going to make Mac cheese for dinner. Not sure whether to go full cheese sauce or granules.

Then it’s bake off and bed

Exhausting but excellent day of Anglo Saxon activities today so need a rest.


i wanted chips but my friend said i need to do that in my own time cause they don’t want chip smell in the house for married at first sight.


I used to love this sort of day in school!

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going out for some seafood and wine with a friend i ain’t caught up with properly in a while. :+1: :fish:

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Dr Mrs Epimer is telling me I really need to watch Sex Education. Bit on the nose.


Properly fucked. right. off. Son also now has covid, so won’t be seeing him for another week or so. And to boot no one really wants me in their house even though I’ve had a negative PCR test. Can’t blame them I guess.